“I’m going to buy Bitcoin! Be honest – with that!”

Bitcoin bullish, Anthony Pompliano, just convince Bill ridge, one of the greatest comedians in the world, for you to invest in cryptocurrencies.

In the episode of July 1st by “Bill Bert Podcast”, so called Of the comedian and co-host Bert Kreischer, Burr said he was buying Bitcoin (BTC) after one of his famous blasphemous tirades culminated in the phrase: “¡I will buy bitcoin! ¡to my face – with it! “

Pomp commented Twitter After the interview: “I’m announcing it. On July 1, 2020, Bill Burr and Bert Kreischer launched a historic 18-month Bitcoin bull market.”

Educational comedy

“I’m going to buy Bitcoin! Be honest – with that!”
“I’m going to buy Bitcoin! Be honest – with that!”

Pompliano, also known as pomp, He had just told the duo how banks could not protect more than $ 250,000 from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for some accounts..

Burr, who has approximately $ 12 million in net worth, risks losing a lot of money if a bank pulls out unless their trust assets are widely spread. The comedian pointed out “unskilled” bankers who used their money to make a profit. claim they inflated the real estate market.

“Did you create all this Jodi —- bubble and if everything goes wrong — you will still get an Jodi —- bonus and you will only give me 250 of my million dollars? How is that legal? I will Buy Bitcoin !, be honest – with it! “”

The blockchain monopoly

The duo asked pomp about almost everything financial, From legacy systems and inflation to the history of cryptocurrencies, even Satoshi was one of the questions. Although he hadn’t avoided using financial jargon, Pomp kept his analogies simple with explanations as, Distributed ledgers are like a monopoly game where everyone tracks money.

Finally the conversation became practical and the couple asked about the current price, $ 9,232 at the time of writing, and how cryptocurrencies were performed. Pomp even suggested that Burr Consider adding Bitcoin as a payment method for his comedy showswhile Screecher He also showed interest in mining cryptocurrency.

Audience responses were generally positive about the trio’s conversation.

“Pomp has explained so well to BTC two funny comedians that are really fascinated.” said the Twitter user, Jeffcrow.

The Redditor, Peter4realHe also ascribed to the Bitcoin educator that he had explained the concept to Burr: “He is critical, but he is trying to understand that there is something rotten in business that affects everyone except the rich.”

Place for humor

As comedians, however, Burr and Bert took the time to make Pomp laugh several times “Bitcoin is like Cardi B, you heard about her, but you never heard her songs.”. ridge He threw out the name of a person he had invented at the Fed when his knowledge was questioned, which almost caused Pomp to fall from his chair laughing.

When the members of Crypto Twitter saw the interview clips, they were also joking. The user LowkeyKyrie said: “Bill, blink twice in the next clip if you are held hostage until you move Bitcoin enough.”

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