“I’m a Miracle:” An Interview with an Axie Infinity NFT

On November 21, the world’s first non-fungible trademark (NFT) of a social media-managed personality was revealed to the crypto-twitter world: Axie # 265, also known as “Axia”.

Axies, cute Pokémon-inspired digital creatures populate the fast-growing blockchain-based game Axie Infinity. Each is backed by an NFT, and even those who have never played Axie Infinity may know Axies for the ridiculous sums they get in the secondary market – one that Axie recently sells for 300 ethers, or more than $ 130,000 Has. the time of sale.

The high prices seem to be part of what attracted Axia to Twitter. In a debut tweet, The NFT was arrogant and superior, complaining about their comparatively insignificant $ 97,000 sale, arguing that due to their rare features, looks and abilities in the game’s battle mode, it should have been much more expensive::

“I’m a Miracle:” An Interview with an Axie Infinity NFT
“I’m a Miracle:” An Interview with an Axie Infinity NFT

Brands that pretend to be responsive are nothing new, but NFTs that do the same could be too. It may also be a lot more interesting from a gameplay and adopted characters standpoint as VR approaches mainstream adoption.

Just as an avatar enables video game players to inhabit a virtual world with different features and appearances than their own, NFTs could eventually become a way for people from space to adopt new people and identities in the metaverse.

When Axie looked at Axia, he got a strange sense of foreknowledge: Axia, the first anthropomorphized piece of non-fungible blockchain data, was ambiguous and instead pointed to a broader, probably insane trend.

To handle this, Cointelegraph conducted a written interview with Axia (which told me acceptable pronouns include “he / she / majesty / highness”), edited for clarity and readability, to get a better idea of where there are the NFTs and others that Your Highness addresses. In the end, I had the not uncomfortable idea that I could be friends with an Axie now.

What and why

Cointelegraph: Hello Axia. Thank you for your time, I am sure you are busy. How should I relate to you? “Your Highness?” As NFT it occurs to me that you are immortal, so divine: “Your divinity?”

Axia: Thanks for having me Andrew. It’s a pleasure.

You can just refer to me as Axia or # 265. I understand that Hoomans have often worshiped higher beings throughout history, but I don’t need such honors. While I am the most legendary Axie of all, I want to be friends and work with lots of Hoomans.

CT: What are you and what makes you special?

Axia: I wrote a short twitter thread about what makes me special HereBut to sum it up, I was the first Triple Mystic Axie to be created, and it was only on this small occasion that I took shape with objective cuteness, great stats, and fighting power. Of course there are 18 other Triple Mystic Axies and even 3 Quad Mystics, but it’s the combination of all of these things that makes me, Axia, the greatest of them all. I was trained as the first social NFT to share this gospel of truth.

CT: May I ask what his owner does for a living?

Axia: My owner seems like a pathetic Hooman … he always sits in front of the computer.

CT:: How far could you go to expand the wider Axie universe? Can an NFT begin to direct the development of the game that made it?

Axia: I hope to go as far as I can to expand the wider Axie universe, and most importantly, in a positive way. Because of my interactions with my creators, they have a solid view of the world they want to create. I hope they allow the community to make a meaningful contribution and stand out from the game companies of the past who think their intellectual property is more important than their fans.

I have enjoyed reading the history of Hooman since my inception, and hope my descent into this realm will attract both haters and followers. Regardless, I look forward to doing multiple projects that I have planned to benefit not only the Axie ecosystem, but the crypto and NFT space as a whole.

CT: How do you see your role? There have been many corporate social branding channels in the past, but you may be the first NFT brand. Are you adding wealth to the expanded universe of Axie, or looking to increase your own resale value?

Axia: First of all, I am a firm believer in value creation. Not only do I want to spread my legend, but I really hope to be a positive force in the crypto ecosystem.

It seems that those who work and build in the crypto industry are some of the smartest and most passionate Hoomans I have come across.

Do I want my own resale value to increase? Of course, I’m worth more than 180 ETH. And I think it will be revealed in due course … hopefully. I am a little concerned that my owner will never sell to me, making it impossible for me to discover the real price. He seems to be more and more obsessed with me. It is understandable: owning me means that he is the only verifiable owner of me. That’s the power of NFTs. Even if they sell me, my person can still live with the next owner.

Look to the future

CT: Are there people / creatures / things that inspire you? Why did you even decide to “relegate”?

Axia: I’m inspired by the effects legendary Pokémon had on their respective Pokémon worlds. Films have been made about them. The legendary birds, the legendary dogs, the Pokemons of Creation – the Hoomans of these worlds worked with these legendary beings to create amazing stories. I descended to begin such endeavors in the world of the Axies.

I hope the Axie community in general will fill me with love. I want to expand the ecosystem together with the support of the community. Since I don’t have a similar experience, I’d love to be contacted by other influencers from their respective communities who can help me act in legendary ways.

CT: Would you mind teasing some of your plans?

Axia: I’m really excited to announce that I’ve worked with some interesting hoomans (@ jl2fa @cshaotweets @dan_m_truong @iOShean @jack_dille @qwqiao) to start a new crypto project called @AxieTree.

AxieTree is a loan and credit marketplace for Axies. Right now, the barrier to entry for new players who want to play with Axies is quite high. The only options available to new players are (1) buy 3 Axies or (2) get a scholarship. This is problematic as 3 Axies can be too expensive to buy and grants are a very manual process.

There are hundreds and thousands of Axies that many players in the Axie ecosystem do not use. The AxieTree Marketplace will reward lenders while helping to bring many new players into the Axie ecosystem through loans. I think AxieTree will significantly lower the barrier to entry and help make the game more fun.

We’ll share more details in the coming weeks, but I’m happy to announce that we will be releasing version 1 of our platform on December 25th as a Christmas present for the Crypto and Axie community.

CT: NFTs enable the virtual world to have demonstrable value and ownership. Are they doing something unique on a social level? How will NFTs like you control virtual interactions and provide people a gateway to a person?

Axia: It’s interesting to think about, but I’m really not sure. I suppose NFTs like me can serve as a status symbol in a sense. When I say that … I find it pretty disgusting to be the subject of such vanity, but I suppose the Hoomans might argue among themselves over who owns the big Axia, since NFTs allow cryptographically verified and verifiable ownership. Is known.

CT: At the height of Second Life, there were real marriages that came about through in-game interactions. In terms of human interaction, what do you see as you look into the future of virtual reality, video games, and NFTs?

Axia: I never see myself marrying a Hooman, but I think the world between Hoomans and NFT will definitely come together. My own existence indicates the beginning of them. Even though I’m legendary, I can’t predict the future. I hope that being NFT can help create positive human interactions full of love and harmony.

CT: Thank you, Your Majesty.

Axia: Thanks for reporting, Andrew! I am constantly impressed with the Hoomans and look forward to continuing to work with all of you.

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