Ikea has fined millions of euros for being caught spying on employees

Ikea is under fire after being caught spying on shop workers in France.

The retail giant was fined $ 1.3 million after a French court found the top two executives guilty of hiring and using private investigators to uncover “problem workers” and angry shoppers.

Ikea has fined millions of euros for being caught spying on employees
Ikea has fined millions of euros for being caught spying on employees

Former Risk Management Manager Jean-François Paris admitted the illegal activities and pointed out that certain funds were made available for use in the operational business. He claimed he was following instructions from former Ikea France CEO Jean-Louis Baillot.

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Paris was fined a little over $ 12,000 and given a suspended sentence of one year and six months.

Baillot denied any involvement and allegations, but was convicted nonetheless. He was fined the equivalent of US $ 60,000 and sentenced to two years suspended prison sentence.

The trial monitored more than 15 people allegedly involved in the espionage scheme that ran between 2009 and 2012.

Other executives have been convicted and fined, acquitted or given suspended sentences.

The Associated Press described some of the alleged espionage situations in which executives used illegally obtained information to determine how an Ikea employee with a known criminal record could buy a BMW.

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Another allegation alleges that an internal audit was carried out on an Ikea employee to find stressful behavior that could lead to the employee being fired.

Ikea issued a statement following the conviction stating that the company “strongly condemns” the conduct of the convicted executives and that Ikea “apologized for this situation, which seriously undermines the company’s values ​​and ethical standards.

Ikea was brought to justice after unions in France accused the international retailer of illegally obtaining personal information and data.

The company is facing a difficult year after several recalls of potentially dangerous furniture and utensils, including an incident in March where the company’s Kullen 3-drawer dresser was removed after it was discovered that the dresser was not properly attached to one Attached to the wall could easily tip over and trap people underneath, especially children.

There are currently 445 Ikea stores worldwide, 36 of them in France.

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