IHOP opened a new restaurant with hot cakes to take away

The pandemic has led long-standing chains and restaurant brands to rethink their storefront concepts. Many brands are leaning towards concepts like dark kitchens and delivery apps.

IHOP is next up to try something new and announces that it will open up its newest concept. Flip’d from IHOP, in July.

IHOP opened a new restaurant with hot cakes to take away
IHOP opened a new restaurant with hot cakes to take away

The debut concept in New York City will be a take-away showcase with no physical seating.

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“While we know there is a pent-up demand to dine in restaurants again, we expect our delivery and take-out business to continue as consumers’ needs continue to change and they look for different routes to experience the favorites of the food. IHOP, “says Jay Johns, President of IHOP. “With Flip’d we can offer this fast and fast opportunity experience and now is the perfect time to bring this concept to the world.”

Flip’d is ready to offer an all-day breakfast menu, ranging from classics like pancakes and egg sandwiches to burritos and bowls made to order.

Although NYC will be Flip’s first and only location for now, the company says it is reviewing three locations in the Midwest for the next opening.

The restaurant concept was originally announced in 2019 before the pandemic, but due to changes that affected the restaurant industry (and virtually everyone) over the past year, the company had to revise its plans and the opening date.

IHOP becomes one of many restaurant franchises focused on what the industry landscape will be like in a post-pandemic world.

Many consumers have become used to pre-ordering in an app or online, and Flip’d offers customers the option to do just that, as well as order from a kiosk or in-store checkout.

Flip cares for customers’ needs and wants, whether they want person-to-person interaction and chat or just want to come and go without waiting.

Times have changed: sitting in a restaurant for brunch with your friends is no longer the usual method of socialization.

For many, it will take time to adjust to a reopened world and return to old plans and habits of what the food chains must take into account in order to survive next year.

“A lot has changed since we originally announced Flip’d in 2019,” said Johns. “We wanted to make sure we evolve the concept to meet the needs of our guests.”

At the end of 2020 there were 1,772 IHOP locations worldwide.

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