IEBS starts the new edition of the s Competition

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IEBS starts the new edition of the s Competition
IEBS starts the new edition of the s Competition

Do you have a business idea? The IEBS Business School is launching a new edition of ship competitionIt is intended to help young people who have their own project that is innovative and disruptive. The institution will help them develop their business through mentoring and special training.

Participants can register their projects up to September 15th in the following categories: Digital Business, Tourism / E-Commerce, Marketing / Social Media, Gamification / HR and Big Data / Blockchain Fintech.

Those who are winners have the opportunity to study a master’s or postgraduate course for free. In addition to support and supervision in the implementation of your project or idea, there is also the possibility that it will be incubated at school. The awards include a total of and two partial grants (70% for the second and 50% for the third) to study the program that corresponds to each category.


“The purpose of IEBS is to improve education around the world and to provide access to high-level training for people who do not have the resources to do this. For this reason, we use our own resources to grant full scholarships to potential students and entrepreneurs. In this way we give society back part of the benefits we derive from it. “says Oscar Fuente, director of IEBS.

This initiative allows participants to present their ideas to professionals in the sector who will evaluate different aspects of each project, such as: B. its innovative character or its contribution to the social and economic development of the area.

To be able to participate, the projects must be in the embryonic or acceleration phase. This gives the same entrepreneur the opportunity to present as many ideas as possible individually or in groups.

Interested parties should submit their application via the competition website. The projects are evaluated by a jury of experts, which is made up of academic directors, mentors and IEBS partner of knowledge that supports competition. The public can also choose their favorite startup and the finalists will be announced on September 27th.

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