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IBM signs an agreement with the Colombian government for training in disruptive technologies

September 9, 2020

A new agreement between the ICT ministry and IBM in Colombia has given the citizens of the Latin American country an impetus for an ambitious technical training program in disruptive technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and the cloud. according to Forbes review today.

The signature of the agreement bears the stamp of Minister Karen Abudinen and the official will from now on point this out The program aims to develop the skills required for the fourth industrial revolution.

“This agreement is an example of IBM’s commitment to Colombia. Both the company and all Colombians had the same dream in common: to reach this technology changes millions of lives and is always equally available to all to improve employment opportunities, “said Minister Abudinen.

With the agreement, The training of 62,000 professionals in disruptive technologies like blockchain to meet national demand is expected to become a reality in the hands of the software giant in order to accelerate the training process.

IBM signs an agreement with the Colombian government for training in disruptive technologiesIBM signs an agreement with the Colombian government for training in disruptive technologies

In this context, Patricio Espinosa, General Manager of IBM for the Northern Region of South America, stated: “IBM is committed to helping students and professionals develop critical skills to transform industries and careers. “

“This agreement with MinTIC is a positive step forward that will allow us to continue working and contribute to the development of high-demand skills in the country and to help Colombian companies adopt technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud and blockchain”, he told Espinosa at the signing of the agreement with Minister Abudins.

As stated by the representatives of the agreement, it is expected to cover a variety of areas, from training the future workforce to retraining current skilled workers to volunteering for qualified technical staff.

IBM is committed to strengthening its two current training programs for those interested in these disruptive technologies, such as Open P-Tech and SkillsBuild. These enable digital education and professional preparation for young students and teachers as well as for professionals in vulnerable population groups. .

In addition, the software giant is forming alliances with the education sector to improve the ICT sector’s requirements in Colombia for the professional profile of graduates and the recruitment of trained technical volunteers for the company’s programs that focus on the digital literacy of the sponsored youngsters People focus from the ministry.

“This is an important collaboration with one of the world’s leading ICT companies, pioneers in the development of artificial intelligence, which was inaugurated last April in Bogotá, the largest center for the transformation of artificial intelligence processes in Latin America.” Abudines ended the minister.

Support for blockchain

Since last year, the Colombian Ministry of Information Technology and Communication (MinTIC) has been actively promoting the use and introduction of disruptive technologies such as blockchain as part of the so-called Industrial Revolution 4.0.

In August 2019, the ministry released a unique draft guidance document calling on the public sector to adopt blockchain, including issues related to cryptocurrency payments.

In this context, in August 2020, MinTIC published the document on the implementation of blockchain in the public sector, which aims to facilitate the implementation of DLT blockchain usage projects that contribute to the digital transformation of the state.

By September 4th last year, the ministry had received comments on this from anyone interested in participating in “building this project”.

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