IBM launches free educational platform in Spanish for areas like blockchain

The software giant IBM announced the launch of the digital learning platform Open P-TECH in Spanish To give thousands of technology enthusiasts free access to teaching material on Industry 4.0.

The virtual lessons cover topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity and cloud computingto equip young people between the ages of 14 and 20 and teachers in the above-mentioned Spanish-speaking areas.

The courses are delivered with “digital badges” recognized by industry companieswhich certify that participants have successfully completed the course, which can be added to their respective curricula and professional social networks.

IBM launches free educational platform in Spanish for areas like blockchain
IBM launches free educational platform in Spanish for areas like blockchain

The model was originally launched in English in 2011 to address the challenges of educating and developing the workforce. It is now represented in 24 countries with more than 150,000 students and 600 corporate partners.

Ginni Rometty, the company’s executive president, announced this as part of the IBM Think 2020 event, which takes place every year and brings together experts, journalists and executives from around the world in the technology industry.

The free IBM program also includes a student progress window where you can monitor your progress and assign new content as it progresses. Teachers, in turn, connect with students by accessing activities and lesson plans that expand their learning.

Ana Paula Asis, General Manager of IBM Latin America, said: “Education has to adapt to a different technological world than 20 years ago, and every day students have to be based on technical skills, but also on future education be formed.” Professional Skills. “

It is worth noting that Argentina has had a similar model to P-Tech since last year, and it has been announced that it will be used in a technical school in Buenos Aires from 2020. As reported, the school would have 4 years of traditional high school and another two years with a focus on MINT, which would be completed at a university or higher technology institute. Doctoral students receive the title of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science technician.

Every year, IBM launches one of the most anticipated technology events in IBM Think. On this occasion, the 2020 edition will hold specialist conferences from May 5 to 6 with guests such as investor Caterina Fake and artist, who, in addition to their own company that focuses on artificial intelligence, are part of the Advisory Board of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is at the World Economic Forum and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik, best known for her role as Amy in The Big Bang Theory, which is also a writer.

The era of widespread isolation from the corona virus has made it possible to conduct a number of virtual workshops on Industry 4.0 in general. In the past few weeks there have been numerous webinars, virtual meetups and educational platforms that, among other things, wanted to reach a wide audience from home via blockchain, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Microsoft, IBM’s longstanding technology rival, has also started the adventure of online and Spanish training. With the Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Days program, Bill Gates’ company has introduced a number of free virtual events to the general technical public that focus on in-depth knowledge of the basics of the company’s cloud solution, Azure.

Through virtual training, participants can also develop cloud-native applications, server migration, data warehouse modernization or even more complex skills such as the implementation of artificial intelligence.

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