IBM is the first to introduce the challenges of the code marathon

Next Saturday, August 15th, the challenges of a programming marathon begin, registrations are open. This is Behind The Code, an initiative to train and bring together developers and enthusiasts of the technology market. This challenge begins with two simultaneous business challenge competitions: one in Spanish and one in Portuguese. From IBM, they gave Cointelegraph details in Spanish.

The first challenge will be Alestra – Mexican company, a subsidiary of Grupo Alfa, providing information technology (IT) and telecommunications services, focusing on the corporate segment. Developers need to use the IBM Watson Assistant technology in the IBM Cloud to develop a cognitive back office assistant for the HR department and generate a new communication channel for employees to clarify, among other things, doubts about processes and initiatives.

The second challenge is suggested by the Tortuga Code, a free educational platform that focuses on learning programming and technology. Developers use IBM Watson Studio technology on the IBM Cloud to create a content catalog that enables students to search for content based on artificial intelligence based on their interests and training goals, age, knowledge and more, based on IBM Watson.

The best results

IBM is the first to introduce the challenges of the code marathon
IBM is the first to introduce the challenges of the code marathon

The top 100 developers at this stage will win a trip to Mexico and the opportunity to compete one last time for their place in the list of the top five developers in Latin America.

Some details of the competition

This virtual coding competition brings developers together to find the solution to real business challenges using disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), blockchain and Kubernetes. all available in the IBM Cloud.

IBM made it clear that the initiative applies to residents of the following countries: Argentina (excluding Mendoza Province), Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Interested parties can register here.

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