IBM brings SkillsBuild Reignite to Spain, the free virtual platform for training digital skills

To promote the training of entrepreneurs and professionals in the Iberian Peninsula, The software giant IBM launched the portal for free in Spain SkillsBuild Reignite.

IBM’s strategy is to drive the professional growth of entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners and professionals in all digital industries such as blockchain. to accelerate the digital transformation in the European country.

With Skills Build Reignite it will be possible to access virtual content in specialized industries such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing or cybersecurity in order to either develop skills in these key areas of the new economy or to improve existing capacities and skills the various professionals who are responsible for adapting the new digital reality.

IBM brings SkillsBuild Reignite to Spain, the free virtual platform for training digital skills
IBM brings SkillsBuild Reignite to Spain, the free virtual platform for training digital skills

There are more than 400 online training activities in these disciplines, where any interested resident of the Iberian country can improve their skills in disruptive technologies such as blockchainto improve your business or the company under which you provide your services.

While not the first of its kind in Spain, the software giant’s initiative joins many others that already exist in the country and caters to anyone interested in technologies such as blockchain.

In order to, SkillsBuild Reignite offers professionals the opportunity to reinvent their careers and adapt to the new job market focused on digital transformation. On the other hand, entrepreneurs and small industry owners have a powerful tool at their disposal to train them on the technologies that will allow them to improve their business programs and optimize them thanks to the use of these digital tools.

SkillsBuild Reignite joins its predecessor SkillsBuild, which is aimed at job seekers and provides access to content through non-profit organizations that have seen a significant increase in other latitudes such as Colombia thanks to the agreement signed with the EU government of this Latin American country and the MinTic in the last September.

IBM has evangelized the use of disruptive technologies like blockchain through its educational platforms. In May of this year, the company made the digital learning platform Open P-TECH available to the public completely in Spanish, so that technology enthusiasts can access training material on Industry 4.0 free of charge.

With digitally certified courses, for example, the content offered on blockchain can be supplemented by its recognition by companies in the industry and included in the participant’s curriculum.

Originally introduced in English in 2011 to address the challenges of education and workforce development, the model is now present in 24 countries with more than 150,000 students and 600 corporate partners.

Promoting entrepreneurship

The launch of this virtual platform in Spain joins the latest alliance between the software giant and Lanzadera to promote technological innovation among Spanish startups.

The agreement between IBM and Lanzadera, announced in early November, enables emerging startups to train new skills and disruptive technologies such as blockchain.

The Lanzadera Business Accelerator gives its companies access to the IBM Cloud platform, from which they can benefit from AI, security and blockchain functions, among other things through the program “Startup with IBM”, which offers a technology loan for value of up to $ 120,000 for a year, as Cointelegraph reported.

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