IBM announced services that include quantum cryptography

From IBM Cloud, they announced that they would offer quantum cryptography and Hyper Protect cryptography services to protect data in what is known as the “hybrid era”. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

IBM announced a suite of cloud services and technologies on November 30th, allegedly designed to help customers maintain a high level of encryption protection for cryptographic keys.with the aim of helping to protect existing data in the cloud and preparing for future threats that may arise along with advances in quantum computing.

Supported by scientists from IBM Research, The company now offers quantum cryptography support for key management and application transactions in the IBM Cloud.

The new features include:

IBM announced services that include quantum cryptography
IBM announced services that include quantum cryptography

Quantum secure cryptography support: “By using open standards and open source technology, this service improves the standards for data transmission between the enterprise and the cloud, thereby protecting the data through the use of a quantum security algorithm,” the publication said.

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services Extension: To improve data protection in cloud applications, new functions are available in which information that is sent over the network to cloud applications and confidential elements such as credit card numbers are stored in a database that can be encrypted at this level. the application.

Hillery Hunter, vice president and chief technology officer, IBM Cloud said:

“As our dependency on data increases in the hybrid cloud era and quantum computing capabilities increase, the need for data protection becomes even more critical. “IBM offers the most holistic quantum security approach to data protection available today to help organizations protect existing data and protect themselves from future threats.”

Support for quantum secure cryptography

“While quantum computers aim to solve complex problems … future fault-tolerant quantum computers could harbor potential risks, such as the ability to quickly break encryption algorithms and access sensitive data. To minimize these risks, IBM has developed a strategic agenda to address the to ensure long-term security of our platforms and services, “they explained in the statement.

This agenda includes the research, development and standardization of basic quantum cryptography algorithms as open source tools such as CRYSTALS and OpenQuantumSafe.

IBM Key Protect

They said that about the company IBM Key Protect is a cloud-based service that enables lifecycle management of encryption keys used in IBM Cloud services or customer-created applications. He has now introduced the ability to use a Transport Layer Connection Security (TLS) enabled for quantum cryptographyThis helps protect data during key lifecycle management.

Furthermore, IBM Cloud is also introducing quantum cryptography support capabilities to enable application transactions.

“When cloud-native containerized applications run on Red Hat® OpenShift® in IBM Cloud or IBM Cloud Kubernetes Services, secure TLS connections help secure and secure application transactions supported by quantum cryptography during data transfer. against possible violations ”, they affirmed in the declaration.

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect crypto services

Organizations must also mitigate the risks of external and internal threats and consider regulatory compliance.

From IBM Cloud, they also noticed that they were providing functionality to protect application transactions and sensitive data using IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services, which the company claims provide high levels of encryption protection for cryptographic keys by providing clients the ability to Keep your own key (KYOK).

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