I wish you these (not so) “clichés” for 2021

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How hard is it to write about it?New Years Wishes’ without falling into it cliche. I don’t mean the same thing that “all people” want. I later realized that thinking like that too was one cliche.

I wish you these (not so) “clichés” for 2021
I wish you these (not so) “clichés” for 2021

But what is it cliche? According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), this means: common place, idea or expression that is too repetitive or formulaic.

And well, that doesn’t do much with us, that we want to be different and we try to be remembered for ours authenticity.

Well, we all want our name to make a difference and our last name to be marked in history in some kind of indelible ink, right?

But yes, at the time of the New Year’s grapes, as always, the same four goals are important: Health, love, peace and Money.

And don’t get me wrong, they are elementary, but in the end I will, regardless of how “unique” we all are – or want to be -. We are all the same.

While it is also true that while our goals lead to the “usual four,” there is one thing that sets us apart and it is the way we approach those goals.

Because of this, I was encouraged to fall into the “terrible” cliche“And wish them things I’ve learned since I decided to make my thinking feel. And no, it hasn’t been since 2017, this – a lot or a little – learning comes from further back and could be useful for the next year.

1. I want you to be selective about your thoughts

cliche: “Forget it”

Let’s look at our minds as a kind of USB memory device that you have to fill up on a daily basis. Have you seen it that way? OK. Now imagine the thousands of thoughts entering and leaving your mind each day.

There are some that are drawers and take up a lot of space, e.g. B. thinking about the daily meeting, what you are going to eat, the daily earrings, etc.

There are these others too thoughts This must be followed as a kind of mantra, as well as those ideas to which we must devote many minutes, even hours, of our day.

So be selective about putting information into your head and avoid devoting your time to thoughts that scare you for who they are negative people or situations that have already been.

Remember: time is power. Don’t just give it away because of that.

2. I wish you found “beautifiers”

cliche: “Surround yourself with positive people”

And by braids I don’t mean the physical. I am referring to those elements that make your life more beautiful.

Do the people around you make you grow? Do you admire it? And by admiring, I don’t just mean the work aspect.

Many of us get this confused, but the reality is that you can admire people for a lot of things, be it the way they speak, the seasoning of their cuisine, the way they write, or just for how they deal with problems.

Admire it is having enough humility not only to think but to emphasize something about someone. Maybe you take a little of it to make yourself great.

Do the people you live with really add to your life? Think about it and when you see it that way you will not only get bigger, but also give yourself the opportunity to do so Think positive from others.

3. I want you to think pretty. Yeah pretty

cliche: “Don’t be negative”

It is extremely difficult. With so many people, meetings, and traffic, finding the time (and sometimes even the place) to break our thinking is very difficult.

That’s right, take it out of the corners, put it on the table, collect the good stuff and put it in the box with the “happy memories”.

Separate the teaching evil and hang it in the “lessons learned” cupboard to throw the rest in the “garbage of oblivion”.

This time we should have to process our thoughts every day. That way we’d go through life more easily, but we got back to the subject of limited time, right?

Try to simplify this process and think well. If you’re not sure and it wouldn’t make the other person feel better, don’t think about it, let alone say it.

4. I wish you weren’t felt

cliche: “Don’t take things personally”

Yes, it’s incredible to see your feelings on the surface, but plunging into drama always shows that you are a little selfish because you think a lot (too much) about yourself and little about others.

And be careful, the most important thing will always be you, but when you understand that we are all part of something great, it will be easier for you.

Life goes on whether you keep going or not. And while it’s annoying that no one manages to feel what you think right now, that we all feel the same but at different times.

Do not blame the one who left and reacted terribly out of nowhere. They don’t know how long he hasn’t cleared his mind and if it was just a single comment that was enough to explode.

My father says well (and many maybe, but I take it from him): Always see the whole photo.

5. I wish you could reward yourself

cliche: “Don’t be so strict with yourself”

Of course, this has to do with a very compassionate vacation, but I’m referring to the short-term “great” rewards. The ones you balance the soul and what are they Motivations from day to day.

When you’re having a bad day, try to have something for dinner that you love. If you’re having a rough day, take a long bath.

Measure yourself. It’s not about spending all of your Christmas bonus in a week, because “the month was full of difficult days” and a pair of shoes cure the regrets. (Yes it works, but not always and you know).

6. I wish your bars weren’t your prison

cliche: “Set limits”

The word border it causes me conflict. It’s very dull, isn’t it? With limits, we think about “stop enjoying”, or at least for me, I think so. But we can also see it as a protection that will later lead us to even greater joys.

I once heard this sentence that I loved (which I would really appreciate if you could tell me who it is because I don’t know) and it stuck with me:

“A fence on the edge is not a prison.”

Set up your protection. And I’m not just talking about typical alcohol, partying or spending limits (which are very important), I’m talking about thinking and so we come back to point number one.

Perhaps you bring these words straight to the “garbage of oblivion” we mentioned in point three. And it’s fine. I just want to wish you an excellent next year and make one cliche something unique for you.

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