“I prefer Bitcoin bonds,” said billionaire Ray Dalio

Billionaire Investor and Famed Hedge Fund Manager Ray Dalio recently stated in an interview at the Consensus Cryptocurrency Conference that he would rather buy BTC than bonds.

Speaking on May 6th in an interview that aired Monday May 24th, The co-chair and co-CIO of Bridgewater Associates describes Bitcoin as a superior savings tool than government or corporate bonds::

The more we save [Bitcoin]You can say more: “I would rather have Bitcoin than bonds”. Personally, I’d rather have Bitcoin than a bond. “

Dalio added that The more savings flow into cryptocurrencies, the less power governments have over the capital of the regular population.

“I prefer Bitcoin bonds,” said billionaire Ray Dalio
“I prefer Bitcoin bonds,” said billionaire Ray Dalio

Despite emphasizing the benefits of investing in BTC, Dalio noted that “Bitcoin’s greatest risk is success,” and speculated so The recent surge in the popularity and performance of crypto assets could be the trigger for sweeping government crackdown on the sector.

“One of the big problems is that the government can control bitcoin or digital currencies.”he said, adding, “You know where you are and you know what’s going on.”

The billionaire hedge fund manager admitted holding Bitcoin in March after predicting again that the US could try to ban Bitcoin. Dalio noted that in the 1930s the United States tried to ban US citizens from owning or trading gold as it was seen as a competitive threat to government bonds.

In January, Dalio warned of increasing regulatory pressure on digital assets amid the impressive recovery in cryptocurrencies. He wrote: “I suspect that Bitcoin’s greatest risk is to be successful because if it does, the government will try to kill it and they have a lot of power to get it.”.

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