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I planned my day as Elon Musk and that’s exactly what happened

May 3, 2020

This is what teaches me to manage my day in five-minute portions and skip breakfast.

What happens if you try to organize your day the way it is? Elon muskBut aren’t you a CEO (sorry mom) or a billionaire? I decided to find out by dividing my schedule into five minutes on Tuesday, April 17th, in the style of the founder of Tesla y SpaceX.

I planned my day as Elon Musk and that’s exactly what happenedI planned my day as Elon Musk and that’s exactly what happened

According to various reports, Musk sleeps about six hours a night and wakes up around 7 a.m. and generally skips breakfast. We had the same schedule when we woke up, but since I couldn’t turn off the TV the night before, I fell asleep for half an hour. Skipping breakfast was not that difficult as she couldn’t stop thinking about the pasta she’d brought to the office to eat. And like Musk, I didn’t answer calls all day to maximize productivity.

What is the hallmark of Musk’s agenda? Your schedule organization system in five minute blocks. At work, I started segmenting my day, but I had to plan a few times as new responsibilities emerged. The five-minute blocks made me feel extremely productive for small tasks that tend to take longer than they should (checking emails, reading brainstorming articles, posting a note on this portal). But they felt useless when I had to block many larger five-minute snippets in a row for larger tasks (writing, ironing the angle of a new article, planning a next call with a font). And every time I took the risk of something overflowing and entering the rest of my schedule (like meeting to discuss the news our team has every morning), my stress level skyrocketed. I thought things like “I’m falling behind; I have to change my Google document every next hour. And that will take another five minutes! “

Musk’s five-minute trick taught me something new about productivity: I realized how often I stop doing what I do to read or reply to new emails. The five-minute locks kept me up to date and I worked faster because the new messages didn’t interrupt my workflow. Scheduling my schedule without putting too much pressure on it and closing my inbox when it’s not time to read emails are two things I’ll take from this experience.

But one thing didn’t work on the musk-style agenda: work-life balance. According to reports, the CEO devours his food in sessions of no more than five minutes. Because of the large amount of pasta I brought up, it took me 10 minutes. To keep Musk’s schedule as long as possible, I spent only five minutes contacting my colleagues, then with a longing glance into the office dining room, I retired to my desk to work on other five-minute blocks.

Needless to say, I’m not a fan of Musk’s lunch break. A pause for the mind can be crucial for mental health and concentration. Research from 2017 suggests that planning deliberate pauses for your thoughts to wander can lead to advantages in problem solving and planning. Who doesn’t like to eat?

Speaking of work-life balance: Musk works 85 to 100 hours a week, but until my time generates $ 19.5 billion, I’ll take it a little easier.

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