I got ripped off by someone I thought was my friend. That I have learned.

I really identified with Chris when I met him. He was successful, he had a following, and he had achieved the goals he had fought so hard for. Not only did he understand marketing, lead a team of virtual assistants, and deliver targeted ads, he made hundreds of thousands of dollars every month.

After almost a year of friendship and exchange of views, Chris told me about a business idea he had recently tried. He conveyed to me the great success he has had in working with a company and encouraged me to join the company. Since I thought I knew Chris well, I trusted him.

I got ripped off by someone I thought was my friend.  That I have learned.
I got ripped off by someone I thought was my friend. That I have learned.

Excited and ready to make big bucks, I paid over 230,000 pesos ($ 12,000 at today’s exchange rate) to get into what Chris swore was a gold mine. I didn’t know then, but Chris took half my money and the company he recommended had poor performance in the past.

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After Chris received my investment income, he disappeared. Puff! Has disappeared. My messages were ignored. My friend – who I’ve spoken to regularly for over a year – was suddenly too busy to take my calls.

Chris taught me some tough lessons and now I want to pass this warning on to you so that you can avoid being betrayed by friends, co-workers, or others.

Don’t blindly trust your friends

The biggest mistake I’ve made? I took someone else’s word without doing my research. Chris was a quiet speaker with the patience of a snake waiting in the bushes. If I had done my research before the trust, I would not have been scammed with my money.

As a former seminarian, I find it difficult to admit that not everyone is a good person. This practice of making friends with someone and then exploiting them is more common than any entrepreneur would like to admit. As Robert Greene says in his book The 48 Laws of Power, we should never put too much trust in the so-called friends. Unfortunately, just because you think someone is a friend doesn’t mean they’ll treat you kindly in business.

Friend or mate, before hiring or working with someone, do a good research of them to make sure you make the best decision.

Record your calls

The company I hired took my money and his sales team raised capital from new customers I contacted. On one of our calls, I asked them when they would pay me the money they had raised from my contacts. His response: “Sorry we spent it. Our business is now out of business and we are not sure we can repay you.”

When the sales team openly admitted when we called that they had spent all of the money they had raised from my clients, I called the manager and said, “You know, on that taped call, your team openly admitted that you’re on Stole essentially all of my money ??? “

Somehow the manager found “loose change” and immediately paid me a few thousand dollars and agreed to make monthly deposits until his debts were paid off. If you hadn’t logged these calls, you would have been caught with a foreign company without recourse and potentially expensive litigation costs.

Successful people are not always the best advisors

Our heroes are not always who we think they are. When advising, don’t just consider how successful the person is. See how many people she brought to the promised land and how many people have been disappointed by her.

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If I had examined Chris I would have seen that I am not the first angry friend. Unfortunately, I have only analyzed the appearance of things and not the specific facts that have been disseminated on the Internet. If you want to work with someone, take the time to review their past and make sure they are someone you really want to work with.

Never be a victim: take responsibility

When I think of Chris, I’m not angry with him. In fact, I’m grateful that he taught me some of the most basic elements of business life from the start. For example, how friendship and business are not always the same. I fully certify that I have allowed the circumstances of my scam to play out as they did. He was there to teach me, so I can better identify the “Chrises” of the world.

Take responsibility for the things you build and you will never be betrayed. Instead, you will receive life lessons that will make you more successful in business.

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