“I don’t wear a mask,” the admission on TikTok that made a nurse unemployed

The user, who is responsible for treating cancer patients, was suspended after it was revealed that she was not following health measures in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“I don’t wear a mask,” the admission on TikTok that made a nurse unemployed
“I don’t wear a mask,” the admission on TikTok that made a nurse unemployed

They say the rules were made to be broken, but maybe if you are a health worker it is not a good idea. A nurse was suspended after bragging on TikTok’s social network that she continues to travel despite the COVID-19 pandemic, her children live with other children and are not wearing a mask.

Ashley grames he worked as Oncology Nurse at Salem Health Hospital, in Oregon, United States. A few days ago, he posted a video on his personal TikTok account that sparked the anger of internet users.

In the clip, you see Ashley in her uniform and a stethoscope while screams of panic can be heard, one of the thousands of sounds available on the platform. The accompanying text reads: “If my colleagues find out that I’m still on the road, I don’t wear a mask when I go out and let my children go to appointmentss of the game “.

The video has already been deleted from his profile, but dozens of users have taken it back to make “duets” criticizing his habits.

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“Imagine you are an oncology nurse and assume that you are not taking any precautions,” wrote user @ amandabutcher2.

Unfortunately for Grames, The video reached the granddaughter of one of his patients who were undergoing cancer treatment. While the woman wasn’t sure if Ashley was treating her 83-year-old grandmother directly, she found the confession terrifying and shared her complaint on social media along with the video.

“The pandemic has always been a problem like, ‘What if you get COVID because you have to go to this hospital several days a week for these treatments? ‘But the idea that it could come from someone who should take care of yours was like,’ Wow, okay, thank you, ‘”the worried granddaughter said.

After the video went viral and the claims rained down, Salem Health Hospital posted a statement on its Facebook page confirming this The nurse was cut off from her job.

“”Yesterday a Salem Health nurse posted a video on social media showing the arrogant disregard for the severity of this pandemic and her disregard for physical distancing and wearing face masks outside of work. […] This person is not speaking on behalf of Salem Health and has been on administrative leave pending investigation.”The post reads.

What stands out among the comments on the publication Ashley’s own answerwho apologized for the video. She claims that the clip “Was taken out of context” and “shouldn’t have been taken seriously”That’s why I would give an interview on TV to clarify everything.

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