I don’t want the reputation of being the first, but the best: Xóchitl Luján

She is the pioneer in the world of music. It was one of the first women to spin the turntables and get people to stop dancing. His name is Xóchitl Luján and he is a DJ, producer and founder of Suono Productions.

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I don’t want the reputation of being the first, but the best: Xóchitl Luján
I don’t want the reputation of being the first, but the best: Xóchitl Luján

His name raises controversy. Many consider her the first female DJ in Mexico , others say no. However, what seems transcendental and important to her is to be the best and to continue growing when looking for new opportunities.

She wants to transcend the music guild and be the one that opens the gap to new generations. The one who knows how to link and team, the one who learned to listen and who has managed to dignify the profession of Disc Jockey for women.

Her name is Xóchitl Luján : mom, entrepreneur, community manager, producer, creator of Beat Fashion, a fashion, music, art and entertainment festival and founder of Suono Productions .

He has three decades as a professional DJ. He studied social psychology, but once during an afternoon he fell in love with music and the phenomenon it caused among young people. Then he realized that with a song he could change people's mood.

Initially, Xóchitl remembers that he asked DJs to record their mixes and teach them the profession. He received some insults and there was no lack of who said, “to mix the eggs to your house, this is for men, not for women.”

One of the keys to entering the guild was finding who to team up with. Her teacher was Sergio Díaz , whom she supported at the time and today is Alejandro González Iñárritu's right arm and Oscar nominee for his work in sound editing of the film Roma.

His first mix was on October 19, 1989 with Narada Michael Walden (Divine Emotions) and Rick Astley (Together forever). The following are the 10 keys to the success of Xóchitl Luján.

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  1. Be persistent, constant and do your best. My mom told me: “If you're going to be a sweeper or DJ, I know what you want, but be the best.”
  2. To enter a medium run by men who told me “to mix the eggs in your house”, it helped me not to challenge, but to make equipment and prove that I was worthy of being in the middle.
  3. I am a DJ complement of several companions , I always observe and do networking. Thanks to these relationships I was able to help who my teacher was: Sergio Díaz, sound editor of the film Roma and Oscar nominee.
  4. I want to be next to people who are better than me , even if it works for me. It is the only way to win.
  5. An entrepreneur has to be in continuous training. I am versatile to know where the current is going. For 33 years I attend conferences, festivals and workshops.
  6. Creativity is to dream of something that does not exist , but in what you work with discipline to make it happen.
  7. We must return to the human and understand that people are not a number, but a person. When I introduce myself to a client, I tell him who I am, what I do and what I am going to do for him.
  8. I don't want to repeat the story that happened with me. I try to convey what I have learned with those who come back, because, in addition, by teaching them what I know, I learn.
  9. A leader is the person who has the conscience of caring for the people who are by his side. In Souno Productions we have 100 national and 20 international representatives.
  10. Women have the obligation to change Mexican machismo. I seek to educate my son to support women. It is time to invest in us and do sorority.

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