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“I don’t understand Bitcoin, please explain it to me.”

May 15, 2020

The author of the youth Harry Potter saga, J.K. Rowling, replied to a thread that mentioned her and asked to explain her Bitcoin. In the original tweet by the specialist reporter Leigh Cuen, sHe referred to an author who wrote to him and asked for information about the cryptocurrency.

Cuen wrote “The most bullish sign I’ve seen all week is a mainstream writer (whose name I’m not going to say, but he’s so good and not science fiction) who contacted me (unsolicited!) To get me to Bitcoin to ask.“”

Marvin Ammori responded by marking the author of Harry Potter, who was about three hours later replied with one of the classic questions that those who have time in this ecosystem receive: “I don’t understand Bitcoin, please explain it to me“”

“I don’t understand Bitcoin, please explain it to me.”
“I don’t understand Bitcoin, please explain it to me.”

This not only caused Ammori and Cuen to respond, but also a wave of over 1,000 tweets with different concepts and ideas about what Bitcoin is, some directly related to the Harry Potter universe and others more related to the Reality.

From approval with Cuen, author of the original tweet, is Bitcoin “Money provided by contributors, not a king, or a responsible bank“” The multitude of responses included references to the Federal Reserve, Voldemort, wands, Gringotts, the magic bank; and how? Bitcoin as the magic money of the Internet.

It is the first time that the author of the saga of the famous magical universe has asked such an open question about Bitcoin.So the unexpected wave of comments seems justified. And not for nothing, because Harry Potter is one of the most famous fiction sagas among millennials and even zoomers in the world, both in writing and in the 8-film saga.

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