Hurricane ‘Lorena’ advances south of the Mexican peninsula of Baja California

CITY OF MEXICO, Sep 21 (Reuters / EP) –

Hurricane 'Lorena' moves slowly towards the tourist destination Los Cabos, located in the south of the Mexican peninsula of Baja California, with a “highly uncertain” trajectory, according to a report by the National Hurricane Center of the United States (CNH).

Thus, this cyclone, which is located 95 kilometers northeast of Cabo San Lucas, is moving at a speed of less than 8 kilometers per hour, with maximum winds that have increased to 140 kilometers per hour.

Hurricane ‘Lorena’ advances south of the Mexican peninsula of Baja California
Hurricane ‘Lorena’ advances south of the Mexican peninsula of Baja California

“The nucleus of the hurricane must move over the peninsula of Baja California or near it during the next few days,” said the CNH. This body has also predicted a certain weakening during the next 48 hours, if 'Lorena' moves inland, but could be strengthened if it moves over the Gulf of California.

In Baja California Sur, 14 temporary shelters have been enabled, which have reached at least 1,350 people, according to the Civil Protection of Los Cabos Municipality. Dozens of flights to and from this popular tourist destination have had to be canceled due to weather conditions.

The hurricane, which is still category 1 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, has caused heavy rainfall in several states on the western coast of Mexico, from Jalisco to Sinaloa. The authorities have explained that the cyclone had not caused deaths but some material damage and floods.

“Lorena continues to cause extraordinary point rains in Baja California Sur, torrential premises in Sinaloa and Nayarit, from very strong to intense in the Durango area, and strong in Sonora regions,” explained the National Water Commission (Conagua) of Mexico in a statement from 18.00 (local time)

Meanwhile, tropical storm 'Mario', which is located very close to 'Lorena' 545 kilometers south of the Baja California peninsula, exacerbated rainfall on the Mexican coast.

Given this situation, the authorities have warned about the risk of river floods or overflows. Classes remain suspended in some municipalities of the states affected by heavy rains.

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