Hundreds of detainees in cities around the world in protests over the climate emergency

London, Amsterdam, Berlin or Madrid are some of the 60 cities where Extinction Rebellion events have been called


Hundreds of climate activists have been arrested Monday in cities around the world during the start of a passive resistance campaign to protest the lack of response from governments to what they consider a climate emergency. The protests were called in 60 cities such as London, Sydney, Amsterdam, Berlin or Madrid.

In London, police have arrested 135 activists from the Extinction Rebellion movement who had blocked the movement of vehicles on bridges and streets in the city center using glue and chains. Attendees have concentrated on Trafalgar Square and marched to Buckingham Palace with banners with slogans such as “Climate change denies our children their future unless we act now.”

Hundreds of detainees in cities around the world in protests over the climate emergency
Hundreds of detainees in cities around the world in protests over the climate emergency

“We are here because the government is not doing enough in the face of the climatic emergency. We only have one planet, so we are here to defend it,” said one of the assistants, Lizzy Mansfield, in statements to Reuters.

In Amsterdam, more than a hundred people have been arrested for blocking the street adjacent to the tourist National Museum of Amsterdam or Rijksmuseum. “We are sorry to have cut the street, but this is an emergency,” explained the banner displayed by activists in Amsterdam. Police have used empty public buses to take detainees.

Meanwhile, in the capital of New Zealand, Wellington, more than 30 activists were arrested after cutting several major arteries in which hundreds of people participated. They have also closed access to several ministries and assaulted a bank branch. In Sydney, Australia, 30 protesters have been arrested for disobeying police orders to evict a street near the city's Central Station.

In Berlin, activists have cut traffic at the central roundabout of the Victory Column and there have also been actions in Austria, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Hungary or Ireland. “Sign like a rock, rooted like a tree!” Activists have chanted in the German capital, where some 4,000 people have gathered, according to police figures.

By time difference, America has been the last to join the protests, specifically with an action in the Wall Street Bull in New York, a symbol of the economic system. The bull has been dyed with red paint and an activist has climbed on top of the metal sculpture to wave a green flag of Extinction Rebellion.

These actions are part of a two-week campaign coordinated worldwide by Extinction Rebellion, an organization that emerged in the United Kingdom that already managed to block central London for eleven days last April.

The goal is to mobilize activists in 60 cities around the world, from New Delhi to New York, and demand a zero reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 to avoid biodiversity loss.

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