Human App now supports the polygon network

The Human web application is now compatible with the Polygon Network. This was announced by Human Protocol on their official blog.

“The beta version of the HUMAN app is designed to demonstrate the potential of the HUMAN protocol, what it can do and what others could do with it to unlock the next generation of knowledge workers. The app is open source, which allows developers to create APIs or other web applications to register and reward any kind of contribution, ”they explained.

“The withdrawal process (of funds) is already underway in the application, which means anyone with a verified account and a completed questionnaire can withdraw the HMT token they have earned,” they added.

Human App now supports the polygon network
Human App now supports the polygon network

Human Protocol covers the cost of token withdrawal, which means that those tagging data can keep the full value of their work reward without paying high gas fees, very high gas on the Ethereum network, and low speeds due to congestion .

In this context, Haryjot Singh, Director of Technology at the Human Protocol Foundation, commented, “Our collaboration with Polygon will really improve the user experience when withdrawing funds from the HUMAN app. It’s a great network that has given us a way to solve the gasoline price problem quickly and without wasting valuable time. Polygon’s suggestion is important, but like I said, it’s not about the winner taking it all. By using multiple blockchains, we get the best result and we stay engaged. build the technology to support a truly interoperable blockchain ecosystem. “

The advantages of the polygon network

From Human Protocol, they highlighted that the Polygon Network is an Ethereum sidechain that enables blockchains created with ERC-20 to provide an effective solution for rapid scaling and hassle-free integration and deployment.

Benefits of Using Polygon

From Human Protocol, they emphasized several advantages of being compatible with Polygon:

  • ERC-20 compatibility means that a DApp can be scaled in a few minutes
  • User experience. Speed ​​through scalable consensus algorithms and lower gas tariffs mean that the Polygon Network offers “zero gas” transactions for the deterministic purpose of transactions.
  • Interoperability with other blockchains
  • Take advantage of the security of the general Ethereum network.
  • Simplicity for Developers. “We want the application to build on that.
  • Working with a sidechain like Polygon allows you to customize and simplify technological stacks as no knowledge of the protocol level is required.

Multichain for better optimization

According to the Human Protocol, this migration demonstrates the purpose of the multi-chain approach they are taking.

“We are not restricted by any blockchain and can avoid bottlenecks and other network problems. This approach gives us the freedom to customize HUMAN technology, ”they noted.

“If one blockchain is better for one function and another blockchain is better for another, that’s not a problem. Multi-chain means adaptation, but also optimization. By working with the best blockchain projects in the field, we can provide the best experience for our users, ”they added.

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