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How to use a face mask properly

May 27, 2020

The use of face masks, along with healthy distance and hand washing, is one of the priority measures that we need to take if we have to leave home.

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How to use a face mask properly
How to use a face mask properly

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Mexico City continues at a red lightTherefore, we must not neglect preventive measures. It is important to understand that we are living with a virus for which there is no vaccine or cure other than our immune system.

In the event that we have to leave the house, in addition to healthy distance and hand washing, one of the priority measures is the use of face masks, whereby it must always be borne in mind that lThe main measure to avoid contagion is to still stay at home.

Where and when to use a mouthpiece?

  • In the public space
  • In public transport
  • If you come into contact with other people, even from a healthy distance


Image: Courtesy of the CDMX government

How to use a mouth mask correctly?

Pay attention to the following points when putting on and taking off:

  • Wash your hands well with soap and water or disinfectant gel 70% alcohol
  • Take it by the rubber bands
  • When using, check that the thick seams are on the inside of the mouthpiece and try not to touch it
  • Place the rubber bands behind your ears and at the same time put them on your face, covering your nose and mouth.
  • Avoid touching it while you are wearing it. If you have to, wash your hands with soap and water
  • Even with the face mask on, use the inside corner of your arm to cover yourself when you sneeze
  • Keep it in the pockets of your jacket or jacket for no reason.
  • Dispose of it in a labeled hygiene waste bag before handing it over to the cleaning service.
  • If your mouthpiece is reusable, do not touch the part that covers your nose and mouth and wash it with soap and water daily
  • You should throw away the face mask if you have visited a sick person. It becomes unusable if it is wet or broken, or if you put it on your head or neck.
  • It is recommended to change it after an hour of constant conversation and after training

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