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How to strengthen your immune system during the coronavirus outbreak

March 16, 2020

Check out these simple methods to take care of your body and your business.

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How to strengthen your immune system during the coronavirus outbreakHow to strengthen your immune system during the coronavirus outbreak

Editor's Note: The following article is written by Ben Angel, author of the book Unstoppable: A 90-Day Plan to Biohack Your Mind and Body for Success . This text reflects the author's opinion only and is not intended as an alternative to the official guidelines recommended by the government. For more updates and information about the coronavirus, visit the websites of the World Health Organization (WHO) , the Ministry of Health of Mexico or the media of the health authorities of your country.

As we all get used to life in the era of the new COVID-19 coronavirus and scientists continue to work on antivirals and vaccines, many experts suggest that the public take a holistic approach to overall health maintenance. And since biohackers know better than most, the immunopositive response may be essential to being healthy . While the following tips are not ways to keep you from contracting the virus , they are easy techniques to follow to keep you as healthy as possible.

Sleep well

As noted in a recent Sleep Foundation study , “without enough rest, your body produces fewer cytokines, a type of protein that attacks infection and inflammation, effectively creating an immune response. Cytokines are produced and released during sleep, causing a damaging double if you skimp with your eyes closed. Chronic sleep loss even makes the flu shot less effective by reducing your body's responsiveness. ”

Consequently, the study advises taking two daily naps of 30 minutes or less to help mitigate the effects of sleep deprivation on the immune system. But if you're having a hard time falling asleep, you can try the many binaural beats videos found on YouTube (Jody Hatton's Power Naps is a good place to start) to help you get some fun.


Reducing sugar intake helps your immune system because it eliminates a food source for the “bad” bacteria in your gut that can kill your “good” bacteria. Autoimmune and digestive problems are telltale signs of intestinal imbalance. Ideally, your gut should be 85 percent good bacteria or probiotics.

You can verify your intestinal dysbiosis through intestinal microbiome tests from companies like Thryve Inside or simply by keeping track of what you eat daily. Fermented foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, and kimchi can also help repopulate the good bacteria in the gut, leaving you with more energy and vitality.

Intermittent fasting

It has been known for centuries that fasting has been used as a health protocol. Paracelsus, a great healer in the Western tradition, wrote 500 years ago that “fasting is the best remedy, the internal physician.” In 2014, Dr. Valter Longo, from the University of Southern California, discovered that fasting for three days (without taking more than water) could essentially restore the immune system . As summarized on, waiting at least 16-18 hours after your last meal allows your body's attention to “focus on current immune cells, recycling them and removing damaged cells.”

This practice, of course, should only be done if you are already healthy. But if that's the case, who wouldn't want more time to complete projects at work and be healthier at the same time?

Mindfulness meditation to reduce stress

Stress causes an inflammatory response within the body that can greatly affect the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. It also leaves us more vulnerable to infection and disease, both in and out of the office. That is why conscious meditation has become a necessity for any entrepreneur. There are several ways to do mindfulness meditation, ranging from slow-moving yoga poses, tai chi, and countless breathing techniques. And a recent study in Translational Psychiatry adds that “there seems to be something intrinsic to meditation itself that can change gene expression and even improve mood over time.”

Safe travel

Many airlines are now monitoring the health of travelers before and after flights. According to the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) , people without respiratory symptoms do not need to wear a medical mask. The CDC also recommends the use of mouthguards for people who have symptoms of the virus and for those who care for those with symptoms such as cough and fever.

In his book, Cockpit Confidential , author Patrick Smith states that on an airplane, “94 to 99.9 percent of microbes in the air are captured, and there is a total change of air every two to three minutes, with much more often than what happens in offices, movie theaters, or classrooms. ”

This is one more reason why it is important to take vitamins during stressful times, as many of our essential minerals and vitamins can be depleted during periods of high stress. Vitamins C, B and D, as well as zinc, support your immune system. Science shows that zinc can only help keep inflammation at bay so that your immune response is better supported.

Although we are in uncertain times, we do not have to wait to see if we are healthy enough to overcome any type of illness or disease. By implementing some of these holistic steps to strengthen your immune system, you will inevitably improve not only your personal health and wellness, but you can also keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. Bottom line: don't panic and follow the advice of medical professionals who are specialists in this area.

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