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How to strengthen your company

May 17, 2020

Empowerment is based on delegating authority to employees. Use it to motivate your employees and increase their productivity!

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How to strengthen your company
How to strengthen your company

The authorization In a company, it is based on delegating power and authority to subordinates and conveying the feeling that workers are owners (and managers) of their own work.

It is a process through which the use of different skills, abilities, skills and competencies of the Human capital the company.

Empowerment enables the technology to take full advantage of the fact that work team and organization members have full access and use of critical information. They have the technology, skills, responsibility, and authority to use the information and conduct the organization.

This technique is definitely a good one. Management strategythat replaced the old pyramid structure with self-directed teams. In this way, information is shared with everyone, and people have the opportunity and responsibility to do their best by doing something more motivated and committed employees. All of this is reflected in a more efficient company with better results and higher quality.

Empowerment is recommended from the start to apply it in your business plan if you want to take a successful path and run an efficient business.

Here we present a series of necessary steps that you can use to develop an effective and short-term empowerment plan:

• Allow teams Exchange information freely. Information is important because any successful initiative in this regard is based on improving communication.

• • Check the resources that the company has some money under the plan and may receive it.

• • Analyze employeesDiscover what they can offer, what they like and what they are good at after helping them combine their talents with the goals they set.

• • Be very clear about the starting point. It is very difficult to appreciate people unless you know where they come from. The first thing that is observed in the organization is the organizational culture, ie how things are done when the organization is very hierarchical and opposes change.

. Because empowerment means that people can take responsibility, this is necessary Think about the obstacles found along the way.

• • Brainstorm personally. Put yourself in the place of others or look for the barrier that everyone faces.

• Gather the group and start to discover things about them and see what they do Barriers that they think they face. Nobody’s ideas should be disqualified or eliminated, nor should they try to refute the proposed obstacles.

• Develop a list of activities for the Remove barriers. Write down as many obstacles as possible to immediately remove them in the medium and long term, and then list them in order of importance to determine if they have been successfully attacked.

• • Identify hidden talents. The aim is to make optimal use of the team’s skills and experience and to use them more regularly and effectively. Create help and trust mechanisms for all employees.

• • Write the goals. These should be specific to the person and the task to which they are connected so that the person knows what is expected of them. They must also be measurable.