How To Save With Style (Japanese)

How did Japan manage to become a superpower after receiving not one but two nuclear bombs? Kakebo is the answer.

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How To Save With Style (Japanese)
How To Save With Style (Japanese)

According to the International Monetary Fund Japan It is the third largest economy in the world (nominal GDP) and the fourth after purchasing power parity (PPP). The lesson we have to learn from them is that they achieved this growth after the devastation they suffered after World War II. How did you do that? It was no wonder. The Japanese culture It is characterized by hard work and good administration. There is also a very high savings rate among developed countries (it is estimated that average savings will reach 25%). And we? Data from the National Commission on the Protection and Defense of Financial Service Users (Condusef) show that almost 40% of the Mexican population don’t save And that when there are savings, this is usually thought of in the short term. Unfortunately, we are a country of financial illiteracy. You can be the exception! Get your batteries and save with the Japanese method: Kakebo.

What is it?

The Kakebo is an adaptation of the Kakeibo or Japanese business book for housekeeping. Motoko Hani developed it in 1904 to help women manage household finances. Does it sound macho? No, Hani was the founder of the country’s first women’s magazine. The goal was not only to control household finances, but to give the country’s women more power as their money depended on savings (which used to be 15% of income). Nowadays, it is common for Japanese people to buy one at the beginning of the year (although the younger ones use MoneyTree). It’s from the start Manage money better so you can enjoy what you save. Got the idea?

Right from the start, it’s about managing money better to enjoy what you save / Image:

How does it work?

Kakebo is based on the monthly forecast of fixed costs and the control of the remaining expenses through certain categories such as survival, leisure and vice (yes, the chelitas go here), culture and extras. You can also write down the extra income (or surprise). That sounds easy, but with the Kakebo you can set goals and make promises (that’s right, you commit yourself in writing and to yourself). And it helps you analyze the results to determine your progress. In this way, you can limit your consumption habits to all those you consider unnecessary to maintain healthy finances.

The trick is to create the daily accounts. This requires a little discipline, but by the end of the month you will know how much you have spent uselessly (i.e. the mini-embezzlement that you can avoid in the not too distant future).

The Spanish version of Kakebo It is very visual with income represented by a little pig (Japanese symbol of saving) and expenditure by a wolf. Aside from the “Accounts” section, the brochure includes savings tricks such as morality and financial tips such as making wise buying decisions. Some include a mini kakebo to save you money when traveling.

It’s for me?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a good administrator or someone who is absent-minded and seditious. It is always good to rediscover your economy to know where, when and how much money you are spending on everything. Budgeting is a great way to save, but keeping it up to date is difficult. Kakebo makes it easy because it combines accounting discipline with entertainment. If your handwriting is not handwritten, we have good news: there are several Apps in Spanish and there is one that looks promising.

It is always good to rediscover your economy to know where, when and how much money you spend on each thing / Image:

But as the saying goes: if you want light blue, you can cost it … Although the Kakebo method makes it easier for you to become aware of unnecessary expenses or those that you can reduce to save money, it does not save you She. You have to win him over. If your grades are sufficient, continue like this, but give yourself an incentive to save. Set a goal and achieve it!

To the last …

You don’t necessarily have to buy the little book you find in reputable bookstores or online (2014 was the best-selling book on Amazon Spain). You can download some free templates from the Internet. You can find them from a basic version of Excel to attractive designs that you can find on Pinterest. You can also make your own. In Japan there are different types of kakebos for all ages. Let yourself be inspired and build your own kakebo.

If you need more information to convince yourself of the effectiveness of the kakebo, you should not miss this video:

For a better organization it is always recommended to keep an eye on the expenses. We know that saving is not the easiest thing in the world, but using this method is less complicated than you imagine. It doesn’t save that much, but knowing how to deal with yourself. Remember that the first (and only rule) is Don’t spend more than you deserve. And that you can make certain exceptions as long as you treat the loan or credit well and well Pay on time so you don’t incur debt.

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