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how to repeat the skills inventory for a new world

June 1, 2020

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how to repeat the skills inventory for a new worldhow to repeat the skills inventory for a new world

It can be scary or exciting for many, it depends on where you see it: the truth is that the process of reinvention opens the door to an enormous opportunity to create something new from what we already have.

Reinvention means creating a new inventory skills and abilities for the new world that is constantly changing.

For people with firm posture They find it complex to visualize themselves in new environments, with a completely different daily and work dynamic than the ones they knew. However, the situations that arise involve the awakening of the adaptability that we all have.

Fixed people tend to stick to old paradigms and beliefs, even if they no longer work for them. Sometimes they stagnate out of fear and comfort.

In fact, one of the most requested coefficients in current job profiles is adaptability, flexibility, and the ability to develop new answers to new problems.

On the other hand, to reinvent yourself, you need to start building a team with those who have Sense of growthwhat is generative.

3 levels of reinvention

In order to format your new self and your behavior before the present, you have to go through three phases:

1st stage of doubt or denial

In this phase, people have doubts about their own potential. In fact, most people are limited in their enormous adaptability. So much doubt that he may be denying any possibility of change or transformation that are two different things. It’s one thing to change the order of some factors and bring about a change that affects something we do. while the transformation is deep and rooted: here lies the spirit of reinvention.

During this time, the paralysis is usually triggered by analysis: you have to get stuck and turn things around in your head.

Tools: Use this time to formalize all available talents and skills. It is time to create the “inventory” of capacities so that the terrain of infinite possibilities and possible combinations is revealed to the eyes and the spirit of inner motivation.

2. Evaluation and consideration phase

The next phase is that the person assumes that they need to make adjustments to the dynamic that they have been maintaining until recently and starts evaluating alternatives. Judgments and interpretations are usually there, much more than the mere fact itself (without this addition of considerations and assessments, for example, “that’s fine,” “that’s not for me,” which would further limit its potential).

As a tool, it is important to recognize the limiting thoughts and paradigms of the old own model that are not working in the present time and to find out how to replace them with others of opposite sign in order to move forward.

3. Movement and action phase

As soon as we have passed the previous steps, we are faced with a new launch pad for reinvention in which you already feel with the best defined skills. It’s about gaining momentum and designing a strategic plan that will lead you to a new being on a personal and professional level, giving up your old costumes, taking on brand new roles, and being different from the ones you knew.

To support you in this process, you can include other competencies through training, gain experience and promote yourself through sharing experiences, professional coaching and mentoring with people who have already done so.

6 ideas to reinvent yourself

To begin now, the invitation is to explore your full potential, which is generally limited within you: if you know, recognize and release it, alternatives and openness to the world of the possible arise. These six ideas will help you get started:

  1. Do a SWOT: It is a simple matrix that draws a cross on a sheet in which you place your strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats in each quadrant. You can diagnose your location and the available panorama to define your actions and adjustments.

  2. Find a support network: Reinvention will bring both personal and professional change, and the environment influences our decisions. It is important that you surround yourself with people who encourage and support you.

  3. Think of endless possibilities: Anything is possible, especially in uncertain times when nothing is certain. It seems to be a contradiction, although it is so: the lack of consistency and volatility makes everything possible, so that in all activities there is greater permeability for the new, innovations and different approaches.

  4. Take action and measure the results: Just as important as reinvention is to focus on action, implement a strategy and action plan, and measure the concrete outcome. In changing times, the results can be displayed in variable terms. Although it is not possible to predict what will happen well (I recommend not knowing the future of the experts too well), you can do a monthly analysis to check the results and adjust the course.

  5. Create your personal brand: If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to create your trademark, your imprint with personal DNA that allows the world to differentiate you from the millions who are reinventing themselves. The personal brand is the improvement of your skills, combined with your style of being and your seal. Based on the tactics, you then use tools such as social networks, networks, the added value in your product and service proposals and alliances. They are just examples to attract the attention of this new “me” that is emerging. Remember, personal branding occurs when you are the product, and it is important when you work independently or within organizations.

  6. Balancing emotions: Another fundamental connection is to work on your self-awareness and recognize the behaviors that threaten your project. For example, if you hire a coach with years of experience, you can identify, elaborate and adjust the emotional effects you feel and take you to the next level of your goal.