How to put a garden at home

Learn how to grow your food and support your family's economy.

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How to put a garden at home
How to put a garden at home

Due to the growing concern about the damage that pollution causes to health and the environment, an ecologically conscious population with an inclination for vegetarian, organic and healthy life is increasing.

Many of these people long to have a small garden and grow their own plants. Because, in addition, this is an activity that helps you relax and combat stress. Unfortunately, living in big cities, little can be done in the absence of space; especially if you live in an apartment. This is how the so-called urban gardens or for balconies and terraces arise, which become the best solution.

This type of garden allows gardeners to have a small but well controlled space to achieve a good supply of groceries, unlike those that are planted in the ground. If a plant doesn't get enough sun, it can be moved to a better location where it does.

Irrigation is more efficient, as it is done by hand, making these gardens an ideal place to face times of drought. And where even inexperienced gardeners can enjoy a hearty vegetable reward.

Take advantage of this opportunity and earn money with a business that favors the environment, bringing country life closer to the city!

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