How to publish a book yourself

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For commit Is it necessary to set up a company or business? Founding a company, hiring employees, selling a service or product and offering benefits? Follow a corporate culture and serve as a leader and role model for others? Aren’t there other ways to recognize and start your own path? Couldn’t it be seen as an obligation, for example, to realize a personal dream? write a book and publish yourself?

How to publish a book yourself
How to publish a book yourself

In the bestseller Icarus’ delusionSeth Godin invites you to create art, to act disruptively and differently. However, this doesn’t mean that you should write an art, painting, opera, or novel unless you want to do just that. And if you want to be an independent writer and want to sell your “baby” in prestigious bookstores, you should follow these steps, says Aly Emmanuel Antúnez Vázquez, author of I don’t want to be Godinez anymorewho has already followed this path and advises you on the following points.

1. When you are finished writing your book, have someone edit or proofread it to ensure that there are no misspellings, writings, or content that may not be appropriate for this purpose. They can help you clarify certain arguments or improve the structure if you have little understanding of how it is done.

2. Now that you’re ready, if you don’t want to be under the control of publishers or just don’t want to get 5 percent of the royalties for selling your works – as happens when you start it under this program – be the first To do is register it with the National Institute of Copyright after you have taken the necessary documents. Here you will find all kinds of advisors (guidance, legal department, etc.) who will tell you how to avoid fines. By registering, you ensure that there is no plagiarism or reason to sue you for defamation, advertising, or any other aspect. Registration can take a week or a day, depending on what you choose.

In the first case this is done by a person who checks the text and in the second case by a program. However, if you don’t pick it up on the same day, you’ll get it a month later. This is followed by a second review, which takes six to nine months and is more detailed. “You have to be very aware of the phone and the email you leave, because if they send you an email saying that this part is plagiarized as such, you must cover your book with a cloak, a Defend the sword and a lawyer and say that this is not the case, plagiarism, “said Aly.” If they don’t tell you after these nine months, your book is yours and nobody can do anything about it.

3. You also have to register the cover. If it contains a photo or logo, you must have it patented. The images that contain the text are also registered (you pay for each one). When someone makes a picture or design for you, they must fill out a form authorizing their work to be used in your work. Otherwise you will be fined.

4. If you write it in Word, Pages, or a similar program, the printer may ask you to transfer it to Illustrator, Indesign, or an Adobe program. You can hire a designer to support you.

5. You have to determine whether your book will come with a soft cover or hard cover or both, because if you sign up for the soft cover option and want to receive a special edition with a hard cover, for example, you will be fined, “he emphasized. Even if Changing punctuation marks that change the meaning of the phrase can also punish you, and if you want to remove both types of pasta, you must print at least four copies each to make the legal deposit.

“It is the legacy you leave as a Mexican writer in Mexico,” so you should bring two books to the UNAM Central Library and two more to the Chamber of Deputies. You only have six months, otherwise there is a fine.

6. Process the International Serial Book Number (ISBN) after nine months of thorough copyright review and generate your barcode (there are some generators on the Internet that are free). “The barcode for Mexican products starts at 725, but that for all books in the world is the ISBN.” To register, you need to specify the price (which you determine), the grammar of the sheets, the type of paper, the binding, the exact dimensions, all of which you fill out in one format. If any of this information is incorrect, you may be fined. Start this process only a week before taking it to the printer. “He should already have all of the boxes that have pictures except the barcode box, but he should wait for him to print them immediately.” If you print without a barcode, you will be fined. Determine your data very well, because if you postpone the day to the printer in addition to the fine, the cost of the book can increase.

7. Select the press. If you have a place of trust, this is ideal, otherwise don’t just get carried away by the price or the cheapest. Make sure the cover is sulfated (if it gets wet, nothing happens) and UV (to make the colors stand out). Ask for a boneless paper (which is not completely white) so that reading does not get tiring. Keep in mind that the decrease in the pressure of books that don’t stay 100 percent is between 5 and 10 percent of the copies.

8. Put it in bookstores. You have to cut stones, but when you get it, they only keep between 40 and 50 percent of the money generated from each book sale, and you have to draw taxes from it. However, if you start it through an editorial, you will only return between 5 and 10 percent of the license fee less tax.

Tips for promoting the presentation of your book

  • You start three months before the date of the presentation with contacts that bring you closer to your target group but do not publish them. They will help you with your doctorate.
  • Fan out the campaign two months before the date and bomb it on social networks for two weeks.
  • If it’s a month and a half away, start it constantly for a month, but in moderation. Sporadically.
  • Two weeks earlier, you bombarded yourself with personalized videos for every day: x days more.

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