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How to project your personal brand to position yourself

June 15, 2020

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The opinions of the employees of s You are personal.

How to project your personal brand to position yourselfHow to project your personal brand to position yourself

The Corona Virus Pandemic 2020 has exposed millions of people around the world to one of the processes they may never have thought of: building their own brand.

So many people sleeping on the laurels of a job that appeared to be “forever safe” saw their house of cards collapse overnight, reinventing themselves, starting over, and asking for work.

The story would have been different if they had only noticed the need to build their personal brand, as academic education and a degree currently account for 50% of what is wanted in the market. and the other 50% have sophisticated soft skills – assertive communication, empathy, teamwork, public speaking, context analysis, decision making – and a Self-marketing Consistent inside and outside of organizations, even when you have a job.

Within the positioning as professionals and workers of all sectors, it has become inevitable to move from simply confirming a degree or experience to the need to project other types of attributes, such as: B. Your mission, vision, values ​​and what things are important to you in doing the job and especially your special way of doing it.

The personal brand is a series of impressions, perceptions, actions and decisions that you make and that affect others.

It all starts with a deep understanding of who you are, what you do, why you do what you do, and how you behave differently from those who do similar things.

The building process is slow, time-consuming and takes place in a step-by-step process that requires strategy, tactics and constant measurement of the results.

A sustained process of intensive work on your personal brand over time leads to a preferred positioning in your niche. Others will be interested in you; Your name will be circulated in search queries, projects and activities. This way you will begin to see its benefits that cannot be achieved overnight.

The fox’s Z.

Just like in the well-known TV series, every time the legendary Diego de la Vega defends those who were in trouble, your “Z” is marked for every activity you do.

Therefore, the personal brand is not:

  • Simply post on social media.

  • Have a logo and materials for your corporate image;

  • Get interviewed in the press.

  • Having a position and thinking that this is enough.

It is much more: it is nourished by your essence, who you are, the storytelling of your life that is applied to everyday being and doing, and the consistency in the purpose you pursue.

The goal is that every action you take has a positive impact according to your business plan and goals.

Yes: A business plan and business strategy are pillars to connect with the personal brand, because the knowledge and positioning that you get in several years of continuous creation will need these tools to benefit your investment / profit equation.

5 ways to mark the Z by Zorro in your personal branding

1. Work on you. Self-knowledge is the basis of the process. Inventing a product that is similar to others is relatively easy: it is difficult to give your personal touch and people recognize it and want it. This part of the process is individual, in-depth, and requires your willingness to know yourself and work deeply on your beliefs, paradigms, constraints, and potential for expansion so that you can project from there.

2nd Find out what you love. All good personal brands are based on a larger purpose, which is not just to have financial or famous loans. Rather, they are based on building prestige that is maintained over time. At this point, the key is to discover what you can do very well, combined with what the world needs, what they could pay you for, and that gives you tremendous satisfaction. It is the well-known “Ikigai” of purpose that is applied to itself in this professional aspect.

3rd Set goals. Many people want to start their process without knowing where they are going. And so they publish on networks because they believe that this gives them better positioning. They may get visibility, which doesn’t mean that they make them their prospects or customers. Look closely at the target you are aiming for. Create conversations and communications that have a positive impact on you and above all offer lasting added value. One secret: there is much more than what you ask for.

Four. Keep your essence. I worked with dozens of customers to help them discover their personal brand, and then they didn’t have the success they deserved for leaving inexperienced people to use the tactic. Be careful: a community manager, for example, can do an excellent job. However, if he essentially does not interpret your language, feeling, or understanding, everything he does will not work and you will have lost time and money. Your DNA, your fingerprint, must be impregnated with everything you do.

5. Make sensible plans. Don’t pretend to cover all types of entry-level tactics. Instead, focus on one or two to develop them in depth. Personal branding is a great way to improve your career with little initial investment, for example by engaging in social media and choosing only those that are relevant to you. Remember that consistency and continuity will bring the result sooner or later.

“Personal branding is what others say about you when you’re not around,” said Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. It is what happened The Fox: Everyone talked about him and knew about his unexpected disturbances that left their mark: none other than the marked Z.

I want you to find your “Z” and project it onto the world from you.