How to prepare your business as an Olympic athlete

Training for the Games is a lot like running a startup.

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Just as the Winter Olympics are held every four years, a large business challenge can occur every so often, forcing companies to get in shape and prepare to avoid the risk of extinction.

How to prepare your business as an Olympic athlete
How to prepare your business as an Olympic athlete

The preparations for moments like this are similar, in many ways, to what athletes do to reach the international sports jousts. Here are some points you can imitate them.


Just like for these Winter Olympics, preparing your business to function and then grow is essential. Organizing coaches, doctors, materials, transportation, camps, contingency plans, burial strategies, and athletes is similar to getting researchers, attorneys, marketers, systems analysts, software engineers and programmers, sales teams, email marketing services. , payment methods, sales support, public relations and advertising. In a very simple way: without organization your business is worth nothing.


My nutritionist always reminds me: “You are what you eat.” Teams and coaches go out of their way to make sure athletes consume the right foods for the right training. Increasing routines and modifying diets need a precisely regulated balance to drive athletes' results.

Information is the nutrition of business. That is, we always have to build and execute plans on the information collected so that our clients have the advantage. Without the right information analyzed in a concrete way that explains the realities of your industry, a company cannot grow.


Ski companies spend millions of dollars researching new materials, manufacturing techniques, designs, and ideas. They are not the only ones. Having that advantage is what separates the winners from the rest. The right equipment optimized with precision will help the competitor gain extra millimeters or milliseconds that can make all the difference in the medal standings.

In your company, having a low-quality team will bankrupt you. From having good servers, going through optimal order processes, having backup copies of your documents to reaching the proper control of your buying and selling processes, will allow you to keep your customers happy and add money to your quarterly results account.


No one won an Olympic gold simply for showing up on the track. There is complex planning that takes into account not only the athlete's performance, but also the ability of his rivals. Competing with other opponents prior to the Olympic jousting allows coaches to make comparisons and adjust their teams' workouts.

“Reverse engineering” is common in the industry: Competitors' products and services are closely scrutinized, exhibitions and seminars are ideal places to discuss other offerings in your market. Businesses should always have an eye on the competition.

Health screening

One of the biggest challenges for any Olympic athlete is maintaining their fitness levels and making sure their peak performance click hits on competition day. Being in top condition too early can mean that the opportunity can be wasted, while reaching the best fitness point too late can lead to not performing enough on the track.

In business, customer retention can be viewed in the same way. Doing full and periodic customer relationship reviews can help you see problems before your consumers leave with another provider. Remember, timing is key.


The four years leading up to each Olympiad can be exhausting. When all their friends go to parties, athletes have to be on a training ground to get ready. This can be demoralizing, especially if things are not going well. In sports, as in business, it is important to stay motivated and give yourself small rewards for meeting critical goals.


There is a reason why countries enter Olympic “teams” or “squads”. Even at a solo event, the companions

eros help motivate and stimulate with new ideas. Trying to do things alone is never a good plan.

Collaboration is equally essential for an entrepreneur. A major problem for one person can result in an easy solution for a highly talented team. This is because the answer that may be difficult for a single individual to find may come from the inspiration of another team member, in a brainstorming session or through division of tasks in a project. Teamwork in a business is essential.

The key is to take a professional approach to every aspect of your preparation. As an individual action, each of the above points seems to be obvious, but group them together and when the opportunity to participate in a challenge arises, you will see that your chances of winning will multiply many times over.

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