How to open the YouTube Kids account for your children

Do you want your children to entertain themselves with coronavirus with quality content? We tell you how to open a secure account on YouTube.

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This week the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) of Mexico announced that it would add two days to the cessation of activities corresponding to Easter to help stop the spread of coronavirus infections. This means that dads and moms will have their little ones at home for two more weeks without the possibility of leaving the house much to avoid exposing them to Covid-19 .

How to open the YouTube Kids account for your children
How to open the YouTube Kids account for your children

Do you want your children to have specific training for their age, but that is of quality? Take advantage of YouTube Kids !

The Google video platform allows you to download a special version for children from both Google Play and the Apple Store where you can create special profiles for each of your children and they can watch videos through any mobile phone or tablet without danger. that they access inappropriate content for their age.

On YouTube Kids you will find secure content adapted to different age groups that you will not need to monitor every second (something very useful if you have to do a home office ). Remember that YouTube is not available for children under 13, but for those little ones there is the Kids version.

This is how you can open their profiles

1. Download the app on your devices and open an account (an adult is required for this).

2. Create your little one's profile with their name and date of birth. These data will serve to direct you to the most appropriate content for your age.

3. At any time you can change the security and password settings in the Parents Only section of the menu in the upper right corner of the screen or where the padlock is. There you can control the time your child spends in the app, the sound effects, searches, etc.

Image: YouTube Kids

In the initial configuration, you can choose whether the Search option will be activated or deactivated.

4. YouTube Kids has four content categories that will display videos focused on your little one's age:

  • Children's television series
  • Music videos for children
  • Learning programs
  • Explore topics of your own interest

Image: YouTube Kids

The content is curated for the safety of your child, but if you come across one that is inappropriate, you can report it in the three points that appear at the top of the video.

Enjoy with your little ones!

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