How to motivate your team with stories

Leaders and influencers are always and will be excellent storytellers.

The opinions expressed by employees are personal.

There are many people who only focus on facts when giving a speech. I do not say that accurate data is not important for decision-making, but over the years, stories are the most widely used and effective form of verbal expression by leaders .

How to motivate your team with stories
How to motivate your team with stories

Even wise men like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and Confucius – among others – have used them instead of just affirming principles (or making a list of them, like most business books and current articles).

Do you remember Aesop's fable about the turtle and the hare? What is your principle? Or Back to the future where Marty and Dr. Brown sought to make changes over time. What is the main key to these stories and why are they so powerful?

Here are some points about the importance of stories and the incredible power of permanence they have in our lives.

1. They make us learn – and remember – more effectively
The combination of words and images is the reason why we can more easily understand these stories. However, those that include emotions are undoubtedly the most effective.

2. They are not challenging
Because these stories are within the context of the one who tells them, people listen to them do so in an “open” way.

3.We always identify with one or more characters
We see ourselves living and feeling the same things as them.

4.We observe “external” representing “internal”
Although we don't identify with some characters, they remind us of someone else. It is the actions of these interpreters that give us an idea of ​​why we react to our acquaintances in the way we do.

5.We are able to learn from the experiences of others
The stories allow us to observe the different possibilities when handling a difficult situation. This benefits us as we learn from others without having to experience it ourselves.

6.They are easy to remember and communicate
Due to their images and warmth, these stories help us remember and explain something more quickly and easily.

The lesson is this: leaders and influencers are always and will be excellent storytellers. Think about the life experiences that have impacted you and start telling stories to teach important lessons.

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