How to motivate a team for the new era of work

The big challenge for managers is to motivate employees to work. Here we share some suggestions.

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How to motivate a team for the new era of work
How to motivate a team for the new era of work

Surely you are overwhelmed in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic and wondering how you can motivate your employees. It is true that the jobs have been reconfigured and the vast majority are now working from home.

What is the starting point to motivate employees today and for the future? Edurne Balmori, CEO of Metco, a sweetener development company, points out that the starting point is that the company’s mission and vision is lived and part of its corporate culture.

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During the live class “How to motivate a team for the new era of work“Organized by s e IEBS through the initiative HomeSchoolThe Board said that Metco’s mission is to contribute to the wellbeing of consumers by creating healthy, innovative and high quality products.

A tip for managers to make mission and vision part of their employees’ culture: do exercises in which each member of the organization, in their own words, defines their mission and vision, which have been set.

“Getting people to understand this mission and vision is the first step, because that way they know why the company exists,” he said. He also noted that it is not so important to tell consumers what I am at the moment, but to be your reason. “This creates a connection with consumers and people who know why they work.”

Make your professional life personal

Edurne Balmoriwho is also the creator of the brand SteviaAlfonso Alcántara records to point out that professional life has to be seen as something personal. “If each of us in the part we have to do at work as if it were our own, we will want more and be more motivated because we will see this piece as our own. Having a dedicated team means being a little bit committed, ”he comments.

In the past, a distinction was made between private and professional life, but in the end it is a whole, work is part of the person we are.

The Metco director insisted that the big challenge for managers is to motivate employees when they go to work. You have to be careful in several ways, but it highlights the fact that they offer the appropriate rewards.

If you do not have an adequate reward, you do not feel motivated and recognized, he warned, and said that an employee needs to be clear about where he is going because it will make him work more calmly. I also insist on giving people freedom because when you feel free you feel motivated.

According to Google Remote Working has increased its popularity by 200% in the past 5 years. The number of people who work remotely at least once a week has increased by 400% since 2010, and by 2025, remote working will be at least as large as physical office jobs, Edurne said.

“Contingency is a great simulation of how people work in the new era of work,” he said. The challenge is to migrate the digital way of working to keep people motivated.

To achieve this, Edurne highlights three pillars: Trust, motivation and motivation.

  • Trust. The physical health of employees is the most important thing. According to Metco, it was a strategy to align the team, strengthen the goals, remind the team where to go, and how we can help. Also set up a daily or weekly check-in to offer help, and another to set up another meeting to connect with people. Make a personal reflection. To make better connections, the policy suggests using videos to create better connections with your employees.

“The leader must be the tree that provides shade,” he emphasizes. To achieve this, he suggests standing up positively and creating trust and security. Listen to people’s concerns and remind them that working together is a very valuable contribution to moving the company forward.

  • Communication is the key to success. You must communicate that you have a plan and route to your destination, which creates commitment and security.
  • Motivation. The board proposes to encourage the team to continue learning new digital skills. Continuous learning has a double advantage: you generate new skills and as a manager you are also motivated that employees put knowledge into practice that they can later implement in the organization.

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