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How to make home office while you take care of your children and you are in quarantine

March 23, 2020

In support of the Stay at Home campaign, we bring some recommendations to organize the next few days to do your job, take care of the children and spend a pleasant time with your family.

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How to make home office while you take care of your children and you are in quarantineHow to make home office while you take care of your children and you are in quarantine

We are living historical moments that will redefine the world as we know it, and among the things that have come to stay is flexible work and a balance between life and work. Today, COVID-19 forces many entrepreneurial mothers and fathers and workers to stay at home while attending to the basic needs of their children and educating them, and there are only two ways of looking at it. The first, as a nightmare that we want to end as soon as possible. The second, as a great opportunity to spend time with the family , live more, communicate and connect with our loved ones.

If you are an entrepreneur, I am sure that you have taken the second path for a long time. So today you are looking for the best way, not to survive, but to learn from this experience and enjoy it. Let's do it!

In this new experience for all, there is no written formula; many fathers and mothers already work at home while caring for their children, but today there is an extra factor: quarantine and social distancing . So here are some tips to help you achieve this based on my experiences with a 5-year-old boy in preschool and a 1-year-old and 5-month-old baby in daycare.

1. Team work. By now your children should already know what the coronavirus is, how it is spread and what awaits them as a family in the coming weeks. Everything explained at his level. UNICEF recommends speaking honestly without inventing things, teaching them with songs or dances to wash their hands, reducing their stress and anxiety, explaining that there are many people working to keep everyone safe, but the most important thing is that as adults and caregivers we are calm. and in control of the situation because the little ones perceive our stress and catch it.

Once the whole family is in tune with what is coming, it is important that you also explain to your children that you will be doing work from home and that they will continue with their school routines but with certain adaptations. If both parents work they can establish schedules so that while one works the other takes care of the little ones to fulfill their routine, if you are going to leave it in the care of a family member or a caregiver explain the plan very well.

2. Routines. As in the recommendations for doing home office , to combine work and childcare you need routines. Experts say that routines in babies and children create important habits that give them the bases of values ​​such as discipline and responsibility. In fact, both in kindergartens and at the preschool level, teachers and teachers have established schedules that comply with strict order and the little ones are aware of it and enjoy it.

For example, a baby eats breakfast at 8:30 a.m., takes a nap at 10:30 a.m., plays and eats at about 12:30 a.m. and then can take another nap at 2:00 p.m., to eat as at 16:00 pm and then play. While a preschool child eats breakfast at 9:00 a.m., does physical activity or studies, eats at 1:00 p.m. and then goes back to doing academic activities. Lean with the school to find out what routines you can follow or create the ones that best suit your work plan at home.

When you make the plan for the week, don't forget to include the Learning from Home program that SEP will implement, with which it will broadcast classes at different levels through public and private channels. Preschool and primary the transmission will be on the Once Girls and Boys channel on open television channel 11.2, from Monday to Friday, at the following times: from 9:00 to 12:00; and English, from 12:00 to 12:30.

Classes for secondary level will be broadcast from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., and high school from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., both with repetition in the afternoon, from 3:00 p.m. to 20:00 hours through the Ingenio TV channel, through the 14.2 broadcast television channel, as well as in the cable system channels: 164 TotalPlay, 260 Sky, 306 Dish, 480 IZZI, 135 Megacable and 131 Axtel, and in the page:

This to encourage no one to be left behind and everyone to continue learning.

3. Everything is visual. As the experts recommend, write everything on paper. Write or ask your child to help you draw the routines on a sheet, this will help them understand it perfectly, you can put alerts on your cell phone so you know when it is time to change activities.

4. Family reunion moments. Don't forget to put schedules in your plan so they can have breakfast, lunch and dinner together. For this to happen, you will obviously have to follow routines that you used to do before to guarantee everyone's food, you can prepare the day before or order food at home in advance.

5. Give him encouragement and be creative. We are all driven by stimuli so you can reward your children at the end of the day for tasks completed correctly. You, better than anyone, know his motivators, so after a long day at work give him a reward. And I give you a tip, the experts talk about the importance of playing with them, they love this! So I leave you these 101 ideas to have fun at home with the little ones, taken from the Sitly platform

1. Have a picnic inside the house.

2. Build a small house in the room (chairs, sofas, sheet and clothespins).

3. Make sock puppets.

4. Finger paint.

5. Play with play dough.

6. Have a dance party with your favorite songs.

7. Have a tea party.

8. Read nursery rhymes and poems.

9. Play airplane at home and paint it with chalk.

10. Do your pedicure.

11. Play school and let your child be the teacher.

12. Make a letter book. Let the children take pictures of something that begins with each letter of the alphabet.

13. Look at the photo albums.

14. Make a movie of yourselves and then watch it.

15. Paint with watercolors.

16. Play the kitchen. Really cook!

17. Play carts.

18. Have an afternoon of board games.

19. Color with crayons.

20. Make puppets out of paper bags.

21. Watch a movie and eat popcorn.

22. Do the treasure hunt.

23. Bake cookies.

24. Disguise yourselves.

25. Make paper hats.

26. Prepare a healthy snack.

27. Have a relay race or obstacle course at home. Be creative.

28. Play hide and seek.

29. Have a snowball war but with socks.

30. Build a fort out of cardboard boxes and tape.

31. Make plans and invitations for a party.

32. Sing Cri-Cri songs.

33. Make your own puzzle with cardboard and your own drawing.

34. Make your own memorama game

35. Swim in the kitchen. Put a tarp on top and fill a kiddie pool and let them play for hours.

36. Make the decoration for Valentine's Day, Independence Day or any holiday and celebrate (even if it's not the date, travel back in time)

37. Build a road with duct tape throughout your home.

38. Play the “Monsters”. The pillows are the bases and the carpet is the “lava”. Jump from pillow to pillow and if the monster touches you, now you become the monster and you will have to catch the next one.

39. Make apple stamps. Cut an apple in half horizontally and use it as a stamp with water paint.

40. Make greeting cards with your favorite cereal boxes.

41. Learn a new song.

42. Create a giant with cardboard on the wall.

43. Tell jokes.

44. Make a necklace with string, popcorn, or Fruit Loops.

45. Have a talent show.

46. ​​Cut snowflakes out of paper.

47. Count down to Valentine's Day or a birthday by cutting strips of paper (like a calendar tearing off sheets).

48. Make crafts with pasta soup and resistol.

49. Play marbles

50. Cast plaster, let it dry, and then paint it.

51. Dress up paper dolls.

52. Write letters to grandparents.

53. Play with magnets.

54. Make a list of what you would like to do next summer.

55. Make crowns of kings and princesses

56. Get a manicure.

57. Take silly pictures and email them to mom or dad at work.

58. Make cars out of cardboard boxes. Have your little one sit inside the boxes, cut the leg holes and let him use his feet as wheels to move.

59. Game of red light and green light. Play this with your cars.

61. Make a super hero outfit out of household items like cleaning gloves, kitchen towels, etc.

62. Pick up all the pillows from your house and jump on them.

63. Dress in mom or dad clothes.

64. Plan a date for you and your child to celebrate how special they are.

65. Add shaving cream coloring and let your imagination run wild with a brush.

66. Make your own storybook with pictures.

67. Watch old family videos.

68. Make a dessert.

69. Make paper planes.

70. With toilet paper, take a walk around the house.

71. Read your favorite book.

72. Start a journal. If the little one cannot write, ask him to dictate to you.

73. Make a time capsule of your favorite things and open it next January.

74. Make cards with family questions and answers and then play a marathon.

75. Hold guessing contests.

76. Cook cupcakes and let the little ones do it all.

77. Plan your next family vacation.

78. Teach them to sew.

79. Make an exercise video.

80. Rearrange the furniture in your room.

81. Make hot chocolate and put bonbons, whipped cream, mints, sprinkles and everything you can think of.

82. Make a trough and feeder for the birds and see how they are slowly approaching.

83. Cook small pizzas. Use flour tortillas, tomato sauce, cheese and the ingredients you want. Heat until cheese is melted.

84. Do a play.

85. Make ice pops of many flavors.

86. Tell what it is that you like most to dream at night.

87. Wear makeup for a makeover, they are going to laugh a lot.

88. Find and print coloring pages on the Internet.

89. Make a piñata with a cardboard box.

90. Set up a camp in the room, with sleeping bags, a tent and everything.

91. Play doctor.

92. Play that they are mummies with toilet paper.

93. Practice a fire or tremor drill. What is your plan and your meeting place?

94. Throw a small ball into a trash can. Make up your own shots by rolling on the couch, bouncing three times, on your back, and so on.

95. Put lipstick on the little girls' lips and ask them to make a Valentine's kiss on a sheet for dad or grandparents.

96. Read a book and act out the story.

97. Play bowling. Socks or toilet paper rolls can be pine trees. Roll a ball over them.

98. Blow bubbles in the bath with shampoo.

99. Play at the supermarket with products from your pantry and plastic bags.

100. Take a bath and play with your toys.

101. Do household chores. It is not what you will like the most, but it is something that you must learn.

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