How to make a face mask at home

These are the steps that Profeco recommends to follow.

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How to make a face mask at home
How to make a face mask at home

By Mariel Otero del Río

Before the coronavirus pandemic was declared, Mexico and many other countries began to have a significant supply shortage. These include toilet paper, face masks, antibacterial gel and canned food or envelopes. So, we give you an alternative and tell you how to make homemade mouth covers.

The most effective masks are the 3m of the N95 model, however, both due to the shortage and the cost, not everyone can access them. Furthermore, there is the alternative of using two “normal” masks.

Although some units say that the mouthguards do not protect against COVID-19 , there are many people who feel safer with them.

The Attorney General's Office ( PROFECO ) published an infographic with the steps to follow to make homemade face masks. You can download and print the guide from this link.

Image: Profeco via Twitter

Also, the YouTube channel “Ideas for s” shared a simple tutorial to make a surgical mask.

Before getting down to work, it is important that they are well cleaned as are the surfaces on which you are going to work.

What materials do I need to make a homemade mouthpiece?


  • Half a meter of medium thickness hair (F800, A500 0 # 87), enough to make 25 pieces for children or 20 for adults. It can also be magitel.
  • Tubular or flat spring, very thin: 60 cm for each mouthpiece.
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Rule
  • Pencil

How to make a homemade mouth mask?


  1. Draw rectangles of the following sizes, as appropriate, and try to make the most of the fabric. For an adult of 20 by 15 cm and for children of 18 by 12 cm.
  2. Take a rectangle and fold up to one centimeter on each short side, and baste.
  3. Cut the spring to the suggested size for each case: 60 to 70 cm for adults, and 50 to 60 cm for children.
  4. Finally, place the spring as a kind of U and tie.

In pictures :

How to make homemade face masks


How to make homemade face masks


Homemade cover


Attach the springs.


How to make a homemade surgical mask?


  • Any fabric you want, poplin or cotton.
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Rule
  • Paper
  • Scissors

How to make a homemade surgical mask?

  1. First trace a mold on the 22 cm by 18 cm paper.
  2. Fold it in half to mark the center.
  3. Since the fold traces an inch to each side, this mark will be called a picket.
  4. First with the mold, arrange it on the fabric and fix it with pins, then cut.
  5. Now make two strips of fabric 75 by 3.7 cm.
  6. Using the sewing machine, join the notches towards the center. A kind of bowl will be made.
  7. From the edges, make two inward folds and sew them together.
  8. Join the strips in half with the mask.
  9. Finish sewing the strips by folding them and making them thinner.

Using the Mouthpiece

The Secretary of Health recommends changing the mask if it got wet, you put it on your neck, on your head or you took it off for some reason. Also, if it is broken or worn, and of course, after visiting a sick person.

Big brands

Although many brands have joined and started manufacturing from antibacterial gel to surgical clothing, these supports are mainly for hospitals and affected areas.

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