How to have Christmas without financial regrets

The holidays are just around the corner and for many it means expense … expense, expense and more expense. We tell you how to deal with it

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How to have Christmas without financial regrets
How to have Christmas without financial regrets

Christmas is just around the corner and for many it means cost … expense, expense and more expense. So without a preamble, let’s go to what interests you, how to enjoy Christmas without it financial regret.

1. Plan your purchases. Buying “whatever” at the last minute has two serious drawbacks, is generally more expensive, and it is much harder to find something that the person receiving the gift really likes.

Make a list, budget, compare prices, and shop with confidence; That brings us to the next point.

2. You “relax”. Moods directly influence our purchasing decisions, extreme happiness, anger or depression can make us drink very badly financial decisionsHence, the proper management of our portfolio also depends on our emotions and the control we have over them.

3. No loans. Remember that the money you borrowed to make Christmas special will only add complications for the next several months. So don’t borrow or charge your credit cards as often as possible. You don’t want it to be the first on your New Year’s resolutions list to pay off all of your debts.

4. Use the Internet. It will help you compare prices and gifts, see product reviews, and see what these items look like to other buyers, saving you multiple headaches

Remember that if you shop the same online, you can assume that stocks are not exhausted or that deliveries may sometimes take a little longer than promised.

5. Returns. Maybe it happens to you like me, I’m bad at sizes, colors, and styles. So if a return or exchange is required, you must have bought where that ease is guaranteed and keep the tickets for everything.

6. Sell. We often have items in good condition that we no longer use. They can come from a TV, smartphone, bike, video game console, whatever you no longer use, sell it and use it to finance part of your Christmas purchases. You can also use the Internet for this.

7. Don’t spend to spend. Don’t buy gifts that you honestly know are in the dust somewhere.

Either way, the year ends and leaves us wisdom and another begins with new challenges. Remember, success is on the way, not the goal. Enjoy your life. I wish you all the best, merry Christmas and abundance this year. shortly before the start.

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