How to Have 15 Productive Minutes

Often times we feel busy, but we are not doing anything of value. It all comes down to one word: intentionality.

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How to Have 15 Productive Minutes
How to Have 15 Productive Minutes

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like skating on ice? You rush to your destination under time pressure and still get stuck. I hated sitting at my desk and dropping by for four hours without doing anything important. It’s amazing how busy someone can feel without being productive.

What if I told you you can get more done in 15 minutes than you could in the whole afternoon? It’s true and possible, productivity depends on one word: Intentionality . Here are a few tips to help you get the most productive 15 minutes of your day.

1. 15-minute blocks of your time. No matter where or when, you only need 15 minutes of completely uninterrupted time.

2. Determine what would make best use of that time. Do not fix any papers or check your mail. Go for quality. Follow the Stephen Covey model and choose quadrant two (important but not urgent). Find something that has a real impact but nobody has a gun on their mind to do. In an experiment:

– One person used their time to say thank you.
– Another was using it to prepare for a meeting where a potential customer would be present.
– Another one to plan a romantic getaway with her husband.

3. Make this productive time sacred. This means forgetting about the phone, Facebook, or distractions of any kind. Let other people know that you are in a non-intrusive zone. Put a sign on your door that says, “You can’t bother me. If you knock on that door, your hair will catch fire. “

4. Lower your head and fill yourself with energy. Work as hard as you can and focus. You will see that these blocks of time are very powerful and productive. You will be surprised how much you can achieve. The habit of intentionality can change your world.

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