How to follow up with customers

If you want to have loyal buyers in your business, you must keep in touch with them. Here are six ways to do it.

It is tempting to focus solely on selling or getting big, new accounts. But paying attention to your current consumers, no matter how small they are, is essential to keep your business afloat.

The secret to getting customers to buy back into your business is to follow up so that you have a positive effect on them. This starts immediately after the sale, when you call the customer to thank them for their purchase or to find out whether or not they are satisfied with your product or service.

How to follow up with customers
How to follow up with customers

Beyond this, there are several strategies to follow up that will help you to always be in the mind of your consumer. Take note:

1. Let customers know what you do for them

This can be done through an electronic newsletter sent to your current clients or through a phone call. Whichever method you use, the key is to demonstrate to customers the excellent service you offer and what you are delivering to them.

You are not conceited when mentioning the things that you have done for them, since probably the clients have not noticed it. You just need to make a call to assure them that they shouldn't worry because you've already covered those topics.

2. Write personal notes

“I was sitting at my desk, and suddenly your name came to mind. Are you still traveling around the world? Let me know if you need a new set of suitcases. ” Or, for example, if you meet a former customer at an event, follow up with a note that says, “It was great to see you at the Christmas party. I'll talk to you at the beginning of the year to go eat. ”

3. Make it personal

Emails and voice messages facilitate communication, but with these means you lose a little of the personal touch. Don't count these kinds of interactions as legitimate follow-ups. If you have trouble connecting with the person, leave a voice message where you make it clear that you would like to meet him or her, and provide options for days and places.

4. Remember special occasions

Send birthday, anniversary or party cards. Gifts are also great tracking tools. You don't have to spend a fortune to show that you care; Use your creativity to think of interesting gift ideas that relate to your business or your customer's last purchase.

5. Share information

If you read an article or a book, or heard something about an organization or event that your customer might be interested in, send them a message or make a call to let them know.

6. Consider follow-up as a way to meet new customers

Chances are, when you talk to or visit your current customers, they will share some contacts with you that can spark new business. Take advantage of this opportunity.

With everything your current customers can do for you, there is simply no reason not to keep in touch with them. Use your imagination and think of all the ideas that could help you build lasting relationships.

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