How to find a job during a pandemic

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How to find a job during a pandemic
How to find a job during a pandemic

I’m no stranger to the world of unemployment, but when I left Oracle’s event manager earlier this year, I panicked. With so many people fired around the world at the same time, I was worried about how I would compete with other job seekers in the market.

Fortunately, I received an offer from a large technology company in two weeks. A week later I was offered a job at a multinational bank.

Was it because I’m an exceptional candidate? Not at all. That was because I took effective steps in my job search, and you can too. In my experience, you can do the following to highlight:

1. Start a wide network

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This seems obvious, but different people have different ideas about what it looks like to apply for “many” jobs. Some think 10 is a lot.

Only in LinkedIn, had applied for 97 jobs. This excludes all emails that I sent with my resume, as well as to the people who referred me to them.

It would be helpful to think of all of your skills, including those that you did not use in your last position, and you will be surprised that you can apply these skills to a variety of careers. Once you’ve done this, all you have to do is make a few adjustments to your resume and press the “Apply Now” button.

2. Do your homework

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When people tell me that they are looking for a job, they often say, “If you find out about a vacancy, please keep that in mind.” The problem is that the request is too vague and open. Even the nicest people will quickly forget it, simply because they have different priorities.

What you should ask are specific questions when you turn to people to ask them a favor. Before contacting anyone, visit the company’s website, find out what vacancies you can qualify for, and then ask if they can refer you to the right recruiter. People are more likely to help you if you have made it as easy as possible for them.

3. Move quickly and honestly

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Nobody likes to look desperate, but there’s no point in putting things off.

When the radio station I worked for closed down in 2015, nine of us were suddenly looking for concerts in a highly saturated market. We communicate with the same station managers in other companies. While most of my former colleagues tried to invite these managers to lunch, I tried it more directly and told them exactly what had happened. A station manager immediately told me that he had no vacancies, but his sister station did. I planned to meet the manager at the sister station and they hired me immediately.

If you’ve recently lost your job, hiring managers will understand your situation and you shouldn’t have any difficulty explaining yourself. However, what you should do is act quickly, because now more people are fighting for the same vacant roles than before. Make sure your resume is up-to-date and your sample portfolios are ready to use so you can have them on hand when needed. Don’t forget: “Shrimps that fall asleep are carried away by the current”.

4. Show them who you are as a person

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A friend of mine recently told me that she answers the interview questions and thinks about what the interviewer wants to hear. I don’t agree with this method at all.

When you receive an interview, ie on paper, you already qualify for the place. A company would not schedule time to speak to you unless you meet the essential requirements. What sets you apart from other candidates is your soft skills.

Candidates will generally try to show that they have soft skills by expressing trendy phrases such as “I know how to work as a team”, “I know how to solve problems” and “I have a strong work ethic” , but soft skills are much more. You need to show hiring managers that you are someone they really enjoy being with. Sometimes a warm smile or a small comment about a hobby that you really love is enough. It’s better to stay professional, but it would also be nice to mention a song that you can’t get out of your head, or a sport that you can’t play.

Finding a job is challenging, sometimes daunting, and it’s easy to get discouraged, especially in today’s economic climate. But who knows? Perhaps you are one step away from getting the job of your dreams.

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