How to expand your brand’s presence in the digital space to sell more

Learn more about the importance of online marketing strategies for companies and the need to synchronize efficient logistics, reliable information, goods identification and consumer delivery.

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How to expand your brand’s presence in the digital space to sell more
How to expand your brand’s presence in the digital space to sell more

The opinions of the employees of s You are personal.

You have to understand it: if you are not on the Internet as a brand, you do not exist. Today’s consumer is increasingly informed and difficult to fall in love with, he warns Gerardo Brehm Sordo, Director of Marketing and Institutional Relations at GS1 México.

During his live class “Digital Marketing: Expand the Multi-Presence and Authority of Your Brand in the Digital Space and Sell More”, organized by e IEBS through the initiative School at home, Brehm Sordo said that we have to think in an environment Omnichannel.

The effort and management surrounding our customers must be consistent in communication, regardless of where the end user and our product are located.

There is still a long way to go before the brand is digitized. Did you know that three out of ten companies do not have a website and eight out of ten do not have their own online sales platform?

There are 13 areas where the digital marketing adventure can begin. They are as follows:

  1. Conduct an internal analysis of the company
  2. Analyze your business environment
  3. Determines the importance of digital presence
  4. Identify digital marketing goals
  5. Define your digital role
  6. Investigate the presence of your brand in the online world
  7. Create your brand story
  8. Define your buyer personality
  9. Determine your social media strategy
  10. Generate a content plan for each communication strategy
  11. Analyze your website
  12. Define your KPIs and measuring instruments
  13. Make a budget

We invite you to take part in the full Gerardo Brehem class included in this article. There you can learn in detail how to develop each of these points.

Don’t forget to attend the following sessions of homeschool. They are Monday to Friday at 1 p.m. Subscribe for free Here.

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