How to enjoy the pleasure of doing absolutely nothing

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  • Do you know how to rest or do you prefer to be “crazy” busy?
  • Italians have the concept “Il dolce far niente“Or” The pleasure of doing nothing. ”
  • We’ll give you some recommendations on how to really disconnect.

“How crazy”, “Super busy”, “Full”, “Saturated”, “In peelings”, “Running” are often answers to the question: “How are you?” When we meet someone or talk on the phone. These terms are both complaints and badges of merit. Being busy is today and this new fashion is known as the glorification of being busy.

How to enjoy the pleasure of doing absolutely nothing
How to enjoy the pleasure of doing absolutely nothing

At some point the free time looked bad. It seems that our level of satiety is directly proportional to how extraordinary we are as humans. We admire those who sleep less and eat at their desks because they don’t have time. In this hunt for economic influx we have run into a brutal lack of time. Rich in money but poor in time.

It seems to me that part of this hysteria is voluntary. We choose it. We say yes to everything … meetings, classes, parties, volunteer projects, work, rounds, travel, opportunities. We plan every half hour of our days. We are blocked like a beach hotel in the high season. The vacancies in the calendar scare us. I wonder if we are starting to determine our purpose in life based on our professional level and our ability to do many things at the same time.

Our children are also very busy. With the best of intentions to make them successful, we use them in everything. You spend eight hours in school – which is the equivalent of a full-time job – and continue in extracurricular classes. Basketball, painting, ballet, guitar, catechism, soccer, etc. I still can’t forget my older daughters’ school year in three sports and music classes. He would often pick them up from school and they would eat in the car on the way to their games. More than once, they left my home at 7:30 a.m. and returned after 8:00 p.m. Homework, bath and dinner were still missing. Shifts of more than twelve hours at the age of 10. Insane.

Tying agendas to invite friends was a real logistical challenge … “In two weeks you have three hours off on Friday from 5:00 to 8:00 after the game,” how do you see it? Is it working for you? Ah! But then it seems strange to us that they are in a bad mood, anxious, apathetic, depressed, aggressive and then we have to find a place for therapy.

What do we do then?

A few weeks ago a friend sent me a video about the concept “Il dolce far niente“Or” The pleasure of doing nothing “the Italians, the perfect antidote to this monster of busy glorification.

This concept has nothing to do with laziness. It refers to the ability to fully enjoy and enjoy the present moment. It also consists of doing it on purpose and on a daily basis. As part of the routine and not just on special occasions or on vacation. Spend time with friends, sip coffee, sit down to watch a sunset, take a nap, read a good book, sip a glass of wine, and enjoy a meal.

How would the quality of our lives change if we devoted a little time to the pleasure of doing nothing? What would happen if we didn’t check our phone to see if there was a message, if there was any new message, put everything in its place immediately, play video games or catch up on TV series, but do nothing?

“I think we’d be happier. Happiness isn’t just about having positive experiences, it’s also about perceiving, enjoying and prolonging them.

These are some recommendations for practicing “Il dolce far niente“”

Separate. Browsing social media does not fall under the definition of the pleasure of doing nothing. Drink your coffee in the morning without your phone. Before you go to sleep, stop checking your electronics for a while.

Look up and use your senses. Notice the beauty around you. Find a nice place to sit and watch. See people passing by, look for shapes in the sky, feel the breeze, notice colors, decipher sounds, and pay attention to smells. Examples? A day with blue skies, the sun warms your skin, the smell of cookies in your house, a sunrise, a bathtub, a look through the window, listening to your favorite music, watching the flowers or insects that are out there.

Less television and more nature. Reduce your television consumption. Connect with nature. Spend time outdoors and take your pet for a walk. Fill yourself with green.

Get rid of guilt. Less is more. When we can relax, get enough sleep, and fail to satiate our days, we are more productive and efficient. Make spaces on your calendar to avoid doing anything or taking a nap. From 2:00 am to 3:00 pm “Far Niente”. Being busy 100% of the time is already out of style. Instead of dictating emails to your phone, keep your head out of the window to feel the air while driving.

Practice your hobbies. Paint, paint, play an instrument, listen to music, write, try a new recipe, plant flowers, knit, meditate. Take the time to discover your creativity in a relaxing way.

Skip some earrings. You don’t have to clear the table and wash the dishes immediately after eating. Enjoy dessert, coffee, after-dinner, entertainment and laughter from those who accompany you.

Choose a day off. It can be Saturday, Sunday, or any day that suits you. Ignore the messages in the thousands of chats on your phone, spend a day at home, stay in bed, enjoy your family.

Note the temporality. Remember, our experiences don’t last forever – although we’d love to – and when we know they are finite, we’re more likely to enjoy them in the moment.

Live in, enjoy the present moment, notice and appreciate what we have. Not just on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, but every day for a while. Let’s take the glamor away by being busy all the time enjoying the little details that we can only notice when we are not doing anything.

And you … what are you going to do to do nothing?

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