How to disinfect money in Covid 19 times?

The Interactive Economic Museum passed on recommendations for cleaning notes and coins.

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How to disinfect money in Covid 19 times?
How to disinfect money in Covid 19 times?

It’s no secret to anyone that cash can be a source of infection, and more when we’re exposed to a pandemic Interactive Economic Museum (MIDE) He shared his recommendations for disinfection.

The steps for cleaning notes and coins are listed below without the risk that they will be issued by the MIDE.

How do I clean invoices?

  1. Wear disposable plastic gloves to protect your hands, preferably when you get the money to protect your hands from bacteria.

  2. Prepare a mixture of four tablespoons of chlorine with 205 milliliters of water and put them in an atomizer.

  3. Spray the notes and make sure that they don’t get so wet.

  4. Carefully carve them and prevent them from bending or breaking. Use a clean cloth.

  5. Take off the gloves properly and wash your hands.

How do I clean coins?

  1. Don’t forget the disposable gloves, the metal is very dirty and this protects you.

  2. Prepare the same mixture as described above and place it in a container.

  3. Dip the coins for a minute.

  4. Dry them with a clean cloth.

  5. Take off your gloves and wash your hands.

Don’t forget to also disinfect your wallet or wallet where you keep the money.

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