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How to deal with “haters” in social networks

June 7, 2020

Difference between dissatisfied customers and customers who only want to affect the reputation of your brand.

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How to deal with “haters” in social networks
How to deal with “haters” in social networks

We’ll start with a brief introduction to leave no doubt as to what “hater“whom you probably already know and even blocked social networks Of your business.

Simply put, a hater It is the user who is committed to making your life out of squares with hostile and unconstructive comments in yours social networks. Are they somehow more dangerous since it is the call Your brand is your favorite hobby.

How can you differentiate an annoying user from a real consumer who wanted to vent? Easy:

An angry customer will always speak with arguments and intend to get a solution to his brand’s problems. A hater will speak without knowing your service or product.

How do you deal with them?

Remember it hater You’re trying to show your brand as bad, but this can be an opportunity to demonstrate to the rest of the people that your company has arguments to defend itself against these types of users.

– Show that your brand is respectful and never answer as he comments.

– Ask questions and give solutions to your comments. Try to pay attention to an unsatisfied customer. Be careful though! Don’t let other users in your community get involved.

– It’s not about starting a discussion, but about being warm and getting the most out of the essence of your brand so as not to fall into any kind of game.

After all, we cannot allow our courtesy and kindness to let them do what they want with us social networksIf your hostility gets out of control and turns into insults or offensive content for your users, the best option is to report them to the social network and block them immediately.

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