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How to create your Facebook avatar

June 3, 2020

A personalized sticker is becoming a trend on the social network. It’s time to create yours.

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How to create your Facebook avatarHow to create your Facebook avatar

This story originally appeared on Cinema Premiere

Facebook A new feature has been implemented that allows you to create a personalized avatar inspired by you. As with any new feature, it has become a trend to have a personalized avatar, as this avatar has several uses, including highlighting it as a profile photo, creating posts with the avatar that make a fun gesture, and sending it as Message messenger and even like sticker in the commentaries. If you still don’t have your custom avatar, here’s how to create it.

First, you need to enter the latest version of the Facebook application from your phone.

Once in the application, you need to go to the Settings page, which is identified by the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of Android and lower right for iOS.

Image: Recording via Facebook.

If you slide the screen down, you will find an option in the «Show more» menu that is characterized by colored geometric figures. When you click this option, the “Avatars” option is displayed first.

Image: Recording via Facebook.

When you enter, only the simplest thing remains, namely to create your own avatar. You can choose between different physical features like face shape, eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth and customize your avatar with different colors and hairstyles, hairstyles and head accessories. You can also change the avatar’s complexion and choose between the different outfits available.

Image: Recording via Facebook.

Once your Facebook avatar is ready, you need to click on the popcorn that appears at the top of the screen. Even if you save your custom avatar, Facebook shows the option to make it a profile picture if you want to use it.

Image: Recording via Facebook.

Likewise in the comments of the publications when choosing the happy face that leads you to stickeryou’ll find a tab with all you can use with your personalized avatar.

Image: Recording via Facebook.

Now that you know how to create and use your avatar, you can now share it with your friends. Do you like this new Facebook function?