How to create an effective resume (and get the job of your dreams)

In 2019, 267 million young “Ninis” were counted, and this number is expected to increase to 273 million in 2021.

The Skills That you develop at an early stage will be crucial for your future. Therefore, the United Nations General Assembly designated July 15th World Youth Daywith the aim of reducing the unemployment rate in this sector. In 2019, 267 million young “Ninis” and that number is expected to increase to 273 million in 2021.

How to create an effective resume (and get the job of your dreams)
How to create an effective resume (and get the job of your dreams)

The global context this year is complex given the impact of the pandemic at work and the closure of educational institutions. A recent survey showing shared data from UNESCO, the International Labor Organization and the World Bank shows that the Distance training Despite the lack of infrastructure or connectivity, it is the most common method of generating knowledge.

The increasing acceptance of online courses is due to the fact that 70% of the enrolled young people have problems due to the closure of educational centers. However, there are alternatives that you can equip with skills to successfully master the challenges of the world of work and create the ability to adapt to the upcoming changes.

What are the skills and abilities for an employable resume? Raquel Roca, business consultant and journalist who offers multiple courses in Crehana, an online learning community, answers and gives you resume tips that highlight what companies want to know about you:

Soft skills


A skill is the ability to perform an activity with ease and decency. Soft skills are a combination of social, interpersonal and communicative skills on a personal level that show an individual’s relationship with others and with themselves. For example: empathy, leadership, tolerance for change, teamwork or flexibility. Today, HR departments are looking for people with these characteristics.

“The key to a resume is soft skills. As I emphasized in the course Soft skills are essential for professional successThere is currently virtually no human resource or talent manager who does not focus on these types of skills when hiring someone. Although hard skills can be learned, the added value of who we will hire is soft skills. This can create real competition and sustain the transformation of a workspace, ”said Roca.

According to some studies conducted by LinkedIn, these are the essential soft skills that are included in a resume:

  • communication
  • Organizational capacity
  • Teamwork / collaboration
  • Compliant (who fulfills his obligations)
  • Critical thinking (that breaks the status quo)
  • Social (or relational) skills
  • creativity
  • Interpersonal communication
  • adaptability
  • Friendly (sensitive) personality
  • conviction
  • Emotional intelligence (one of the latest)

Skills for a resume

Skills, says Raquel, can help you stand out from an employer. Here are some types of skills and their examples:

  • Linguistic suitability: For example, learning a language with ease.
  • STEM suitability (natural sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics): For example, if you excel in solving mathematical problems.
  • Artistic talent: if you are able to create a work of art.
  • Mechanical suitability: If you can build objects
  • Physical fitness: if you are an agile person.
  • Organizational suitability: If you are an organized person
  • Spatial fitness: if you can create 3D objects.
  • Logical suitability: If you are able to find logical solutions to problems.

How do I create a personal description for my resume?

Roca suggests these tips to keep in mind when writing your personal description.

  • Write your personal description honestly.
  • Avoid everyday places like “I’m very responsible” or “I’m trying to achieve my goals”.
  • Use the present and avoid the gerunds.
  • Pay attention to your writing and spelling.
  • Mention your outstanding skills.
  • Don’t forget to briefly state your success, especially if you have work experience.
  • Try to write your personal description in a paragraph.

Remember that it is important to keep your resume up to date and add the knowledge you develop.

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