How to create a professional image in social networks?

Are you an entrepreneur? Discover the art of creating a successful professional image through your social networks and being able to project the best of you.

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How to create a professional image in social networks?
How to create a professional image in social networks?

The power of social networks is unheard of: it is impossible to get to know its true reach. For this reason, learning how to create a professional image in social networks becomes a mandatory and necessary task for all those who want their entrepreneurship to reach very high.

Why is it important to have a good management of your social media?

Very simple: because who at this stage of life is not part of the online world and is not present through their social networks, simply – and even if you read hard – does not exist. In addition to being present is not enough, it is essential to have a good management of your personal brand, a Personal Branding strategy .

Before entering full topic, let's review the following figures.

According to IEBS, there are currently 3 billion people connected to social networks around the world, almost 42 percent of the world's population! The Metricool network management platform recently published results on the most used social networks: Facebook, at the head, registers 2 thousand 300 million active users per month, followed by Instagram with one billion , Twitter with 323 and Linkedln, the Professional social network that takes flight, with 303 million monthly active users.  

Almost half of the inhabitants of the planet are present in the online universe, why not design a social media strategy to create that professional image of a successful entrepreneur? These are my recommendations:


Don't forget: the first impression is never deleted, even if someone gets it through a social network.

If you are about to start the business of your life or have already taken the first steps in it, try to take care that the first image you project on your social networks is a professional image, an image that projects credibility, authenticity and trust.

How are you going to achieve it? Taking care of the following aspects:

  • Profile picture. If you manage different social networks, experts recommend that you use the same photo in all your profiles, because you will be sending a message of uniformity. Take care that the photograph is of high quality and that it is natural. And keep the balance between your clothes, the message you want to project as an entrepreneur, the background or the decoration.

  • Biographical information. When people reach your profile, after looking at your photo, they will scan the information you have shared on your profile. Pay close attention to spelling, writing style and synthesis, because here it is only about giving a brushstroke about who you are, what you do and how your venture is the solution to a particular problem.

  • The daily publications. The body or news feed of your social networks are a window to your professional image; Look for each post, each image, design, infographic, motivational phrase to convey the messages you considered important when designing your Personal Branding strategy . Give a professional touch to your vocabulary.

  • The interaction with your community. The personal brand that triumphs in social networks is the one that grows organically, and a simple way to achieve this is to generate conversations with its followers. Never stop thanking a like or answering a comment. And if you receive MD in your mailbox, answer it promptly and with gratitude!


Since you have built an attractive and irresistible profile of a professional entrepreneur in your social networks, it is time to start planning the contents that you will be publishing constantly.

Profiles that do not convey order or harmony and that do not develop under the same guiding thread, can denote everything but professionalism. To create a professional entrepreneur image in your social networks , it is vitally important that you plan the content that you will be publishing.

To plan the most fascinating content, follow these steps:

1. Discover your audience

To know the vocabulary and the ideal tone as well as the topics you will address – of course, everyone has to revolve around your venture you have to know who your target audience is, since writing to an audience of teenagers is not the same as one of adult people

2. Define the purpose of your content

You have to decide what you are looking for with your social media content: create a professional entrepreneur image, build a community or generate interaction with a community. If you look for the three mentioned objectives at the same time, there is no problem. Just try to give everyone a fair value and go after him.

3. Choose the right social networks for your personal brand

Not all social networks are for everyone nor do you have to be present in “all” them. Depending on the objective you pursue both in the creation of your personal branding and in the contents that you are going to share, you must choose the social networks that work best for you. Because of its scope and its visual aspect, Instagram has become the favorite social network of entrepreneurs. But if it is about consolidating a professional image and presenting it solid and powerful, a well-defined profile in Linkedln can be the best window towards the online world . As you see, you have a range of options; Choose the one that suits you best and where you feel like a fish in water, because there are no generalities here.

4. Create a content calendar

At the end, when you are clear who your audience is, what is the purpose of your personal brand and what are the social networks that best suit you, it is time to draw up a content plan, which in the world of social media is known As editorial calendar. In a simple table, divide the following data into columns: creation date, publication date, publication theme, social network where it will be published and notes. Fill in your calendar either by week or by month. And think of him more as a beacon of light than as a straitjacket.


So that your professional image of entrepreneur in social networks takes you very far, you have to measure the results and make the necessary changes to the social networks strategy if you do not get the desired results. Only by measuring and analyzing results will you be able to create an optimal professional image.


Creating a professional image on social networks is not an impossible but not immediate task: it takes time. Along the way you will find all kinds of difficulties that can make you despair, lose the north and surrender.

Do not let that happen!

Successful entrepreneurs have come to conquer the top of the mountain thanks to their perseverance, willpower and be updated day by day within the online world , which as well as social networks, changes day by day.

If you want to project the best of you and create a powerful personal brand, create your own style, because there is nothing more awarded on social networks than originality.

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