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How to consult the Credit Bureau in Mexico for free

January 29, 2020

Having a healthy credit history increases the chances of obtaining new and better financing or increasing the credit lines currently available.

How to consult the Credit Bureau in Mexico for free

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How to consult the Credit Bureau in Mexico for freeHow to consult the Credit Bureau in Mexico for free

In Mexico , seven out of 10 people (72.3%) do not consult or ignore what their credit history is, and only 27.7% have requested their report, according to a survey conducted by the financial services platform and Brad Engagment.

Not having paid on time, being a guarantor of a bad payer and believing that they have a duplicate identity are the main reasons people think they are in Boó, according to the same survey.

On the other hand, having a healthy credit history increases the chances of obtaining new and better financing or increasing the credit lines currently available.

“Being in the Credit Bureau, as many fear, is not really negative, it can even be helpful as long as you know that your credit score is high, which means that you are a good payer of your credits,” explains Luis Madrigal, director of . “Not appearing in Buró is also not recommended, because you remain an unknown to banks and financial institutions. The best way to be well with the Bureau is to maintain a positive credit history, that is, to take out a credit, be it credit card, self-financing or mortgage, and pay full on time, ”he adds.

In our country, all credit activity of individuals and companies is included in the monthly report of the Bureau or of the. These are the credit information companies in charge of collecting the information and sharing it with financial entities prior authorization of the interested party, in order to let them know if the applicant is a responsible payer or not.

How to consult the Credit Bureau in Mexico

The Bureau's Special Credit Report concentrates all credit information in one document, and all people can obtain it at no cost once a year.

To request it, it is important to have on hand:

  • Official identification (IFE, INE, Passport, Immigration Form for foreigners)
  • Copy of the current credit card statements, and additional credit information, mortgage and / or automotive.

The ways to access the Credit Bureau Report are as follows:

  1. Website : or, with the aforementioned documents.
  2. Telephone call : either to the Credit Bureau, from anywhere in the Republic at (55) 5449 4954 at no cost for long distance or 800 640 7920, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Or to Círculo de Crédito, at (55) 5166 2455 and without long distance costs at 01800 888 247 2856.
  3. Specialized Customer Service Unit : either to Credit Bureau, in Av. Peripheral South 4349. Plaza Imagen, Loc. 3. Fracc. Mountain Gardens. Tlalpan Delegation, CP 14210. CDMX. Or in Círculo de Crédito, Jaime Balmes street 11, Building E – Mezannine 1 Secc. A. Plaza Polanco, Col. Los Morales Polanco. From Miguel Hidalgo. CDMX, CP 11510
  4. By email : fill out the online application and send an email to or.
  5. By courier: print the application, fill it out and send it to one of the Specialized Customer Service Units described above.
  6. By Fax: fill out the application and send it together with a legible copy of the identification to (55) 5449 4954 without long distance cost or 800 640 7920.55), or to 5166 – 2455 option 5 of the menu.

Recommendations to consult the Credit Report

  • Remember that nobody, no bank or company, can consult the Credit Report of a person or company without their explicit authorization.
  • The credit information of all companies and individuals remains in the databases of Bureau and Circle of Credit for a period of up to 6 years. No one can “delete” any history, beware of fraudulent companies that promise this.
  • All additional consultations of the Bureau, either online or some other modality will have an extra cost for each query. There is only one free consultation every 12 months.
  • It is recommended to consult the Special Credit Report at least every 6 months, in order to detect irregularities on time.
  • When consulting the report, you will know: credit history and who else has consulted it, you can also verify that the information is correct and up to date, with the support of an authorized advisor.

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