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How to check your afore online

June 17, 2020

It is alarming that the Mexican population saved an average of only 70,000 pesos for their retirement.

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How to check your afore onlineHow to check your afore online

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Early withdrawals of money Afores According to the National Commission of the Pension Scheme (Consar), the number of (pension fund managers) rose by 40.10% in May compared to the same month last year due to unemployment. The amount paid out last month reached 1,556 million pesos (mp).

Having the afore in advance is highly inadvisable, and in fact it is alarming for the Mexican people, who save an average of only 70,000 pesos for retirement. The use of these emergency response measures has a long-term impact, as retired people would have up to 19% less savings in their individual accounts, the Mexican Association of Afores (Amafore) warns.

In Mexico, three out of ten (34.5%) millennials or young people between the ages of 20 and 39 do not have a pension plan. While 45.5% have an afore or pension plan for their work, 9% have their own contract, while 4.5% say they have a job plan and a pension plan. Similarly, according to a survey conducted by the financial services platform and the market research company Brand Engagement in July 2019, 6.5% do not know whether they have an afore.

For all those people who don’t know where their pensions are, Coru lists the most important steps to follow the Afore on the Internet.

First, how do you know if you have Afore or not?

Don’t forget that it’s only possible to have one if you’ve worked as an employee before looking for your predecessor. “If you’re independent, you’re the only one responsible for registration and request, so if you’ve always worked yourself and don’t know anything about your afore, it’s because you certainly don’t have one,” recalls Ivan Hernández, Director of

How To Find Where Your Afore On The Internet

1. Go to the E-sar page: This is the official Consar system for performing procedures related to your Afores, e.g. For example, directing voluntary contributions, submitting a preliminary application or finding it.

Important: To be able to search for your afore online, you must have your social security number (NSS) on hand, which you can access on the IMSS page, in Infonavit or on payslips or other documents related to your work. Another option is to have your unique population registration code (CURP) in addition to an email account to receive the information.

2. Complete the form that appears on the E-Sar page and enter your social security number or CURP and your email address.

3. The answer should come to your email address almost immediately. Otherwise, call the Sartel service from the Consar. The phone is 1328-5000 and is free across the country.

4. As soon as they answer you by email or phone, they will tell you whether you have an individual account first. And whether you have already chosen an afore or not.

An individual account is the account where the government collects your contributions and allocates them based on the afores that generate the highest net return.

Remember, there are two ways to get an Afore account: first, you need to choose the company that manages this fund, and second, you can be assigned. There is an assignment for those who are listed in the IMSS and have never selected an afore. Allocations are made every year; They consist of accounts that have not been voluntarily registered and are distributed among the administrators who have generated the most returns.

If the customer has not requested prior registration after 2 years of allocation, the account will be reassigned. This means that the most powerful alternatives are selected again so that the pension fund continues to generate profits.

Remember, there are two ways to get an Afore account: first, you need to choose the company that manages this fund, and second, you need to be assigned / Image:

Recommendations for choosing Afore

You have the right to change your individual account to your preferred Afore up to twice a year. There are three important factors to consider when choosing an afore:

  • The returns that the afore gives you, that is, the money that is generated as a profit by keeping your money with one afore or another. The differences are up to 30%, so it is worth checking options.
  • The commission calculated by the Afore, for example the fee for account management.
  • The services or the quality of the service offered check in particular whether they have a contact number, offices and employees in order to clarify the situation.