How to change the turn of your business to work as an inn

We explain how you can transform your bar, your party room or your club into a restaurant so that you can reactivate your operations while the CDMX continues to run at an orange traffic light.

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How to change the turn of your business to work as an inn
How to change the turn of your business to work as an inn

Claudia Sheinbaum, Boss of Government of Mexico City, announced at a press conference that bars, clubs and party halls can reactivate businesses such as inns and restaurants from August 10th.

The Prime Minister said in a video on her social networks that these facilities can only maintain 30% of their capacity as long as the Mexican capital stays in the orange color of the epidemiological traffic light.

How can you turn your bar to start trading?

Sheimbaum stated that bars and party halls can be operated as restaurants from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. in order to avoid further job losses.

“I repeat, the bars are not open, they can only switch to restaurants with the mandatory hygiene measures. I am convinced that if we all continue to work together, we can continue to open economic activities, ”said the official.

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To work as a restaurant, the CDMX government reported that night club owners:

  • Request your business change to temporarily work as an inn or restaurant.
  • Register starting this Monday, August 10th, at The solution is instant.
  • It is only necessary to enter with the CDMX KEY (available at, both for those who register as restaurants and for the registration of the “Ciudad al Aire Libre” program (with which this restaurant space can be advertised) outdoor units in streets, parking lots and certain sidewalks).
  • Fill out a form in which they will report:
  1. Name or company name of the applicant and address to listen to and receive notifications and email address.
  2. Name or trade name of the business area.
  3. Business area to be exercised.
  4. Location and total area of ​​the premises in which the business area is to be set up.
  5. If the applicant is a foreigner, the details of the permit issued by the Ministry of the Interior allowing him to carry out the activity in question.
  6. Read the guidelines and download the letter of commitment.
  7. Print out the letter of commitment and display it in a visible place in the facility.

Hygiene measures for the operation of restaurants at orange traffic lights in CDMX

Image: CDMX government

  • The installation of tables in open spaces should be prioritized. The restaurants that do this can be 40 percent capacity (including indoor and outdoor). If they only contain tables, the capacity is 30 percent.
  • Use of natural ventilation; If this is not possible, the ventilation system can only be operated with a circulation of at least 30 percent to the outside in the dining areas, and the circulation of indoor air is prohibited. The system and filters should be disinfected and cleaned at all times.
  • Sanitary filters to detect symptoms and measure the temperature (not higher than 37.5 ° C) at the entrance of staff, suppliers and customers. People with symptoms are not allowed to enter.
  • Background music with a maximum volume of 62 decibels. This is so that people don’t have to raise their voices too much and thereby release more microdroplets of saliva. Waiter: mandatory use of mask and mask at all times.
  • Tablecloths and napkins should be changed after each service. The tables are spaced five feet apart and zigzagged or other physical barriers are placed. Smoking is prohibited in all areas (including those designated for them). Do not use printed and customized menus, only use blackboards, posters or blackboards on the wall or electronic menus. Constant use of antibacterial gel with 70 percent alcohol is necessary; and encourage payment by electronic means (CoDi) and place the tip in the specified places.
  • INVEA will tour Mexico City to monitor that facilities are complying with established health protection measures. Otherwise, they are entitled to precautionary measures, which consist of the temporary cessation of the activity for up to 15 days. In the event of a relapse, they will remain closed until the Mexico City epidemiological traffic light allows it.

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