How to build your footprint on others

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The opinions of the employees of s You are personal.

How to build your footprint on others
How to build your footprint on others

In these times more than ever personal brand and leadership There are two concepts that must be combined as part of the same formula that leads to personal and professional success.

Experience tells us that the L.Ithose who have a personal brand sorLida Well built, they go beyond pursuing their own dreams and achieving their goals and acquiring them engagement – through self-confidence – drive in the same way and positively influence other people.

If we understand that personal brand It is the “footprint” we leave behind for others. We understand the importance of building one Brand lIof the Around us, This not only adjusts the people around us, but also adjusts the time in which we live. This footprint is defined by our actions, which show what it is like our personality, which are Our values and they make the value of working with us accessible.

An entrepreneur faces a competitive environment every day in which he has to excel in order to be successful. Therefore, he has to remember that he can only achieve this if he is a leader in his field. Build one personal brand Solid and consistent allow you to win people’s trust.

In short, for a s become alIof the you have to build one irresistible personal brand This always has a profound and positive effect on you.

In this article I will tell you how to create one personal stamp lIcorrect

But first let’s see what that is personal brand and its great importance.

¿Whatand It is a personal brand and whyand is so important for an entrepreneur lIcorrect?

The personal brand it is everything that is part of our personal life and professional career; it is what we are and everything we have done and what has shaped or shaped others. With that in mind, I’ve always liked Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO: “”Your brand is what people say about you when you are nottos available.

And why is the personal brand so important for a leading person?

Because a leader not only has the obligation to project the best image, but has acquired a on his own Responsibility towards other people, You are an employee, member of your work team, or someone who is involved in any way in your own company.

By building a strong and consistent personal brand, you can gain people’s trust / Image: X Ventures on Unsplash

For an entrepreneur, personal branding is a life project in which it becomes necessary to develop his own qualities and abilities for a common benefit. I invite you to download here a free template to a professional appearance where you share your knowledge, experience and success. The bill is a basic and effective tool in your business personal brand strategy and it works like a “cover letter”.

I want to add that from the beginning, Every entrepreneur is aIright, since entrepreneurship is withoutorEncouragement to see golden opportunities where others don’t see them. However, every entrepreneur has to strategically manage his personal brand. An authentic and differentiated brand becomes their main ally to bring their idea or business to an unimaginable level.

How to position a personal brand lIthe in 5 steps

Below I present five steps to position a leading personal brand – that’s what we know as the positioning phase Self-marketing- for an entrepreneurial profile:

1. Determine the attributes fíTrademark

Every personal brand is unique because every person is unique. For this reason, they are transferred after identifying the person’s strengths in its attributes sIsicos.

What comes to mind first when we talk about product brands? Certainly colors, shapes, design, pictures. If we transfer the same to the site of the personal brand we could also talk about a thisñor “”tangible from this picture where we include personal picture, type of clothing, way of speaking or writing, vocabulary, the car he drives, his website etc.

To make these attributes suitable for a profile of entrepreneurial leadership, It is very important to pay attention to every detail and make sure that they all fit perfectly on pictureandethical and exciting.

2. Integrate values ​​into your personal brand

A brand must be authentic and represent personal values. This is achieved by a Introspectionorn, look inside and find out what drives us to be who we are. The human values These characteristics have to be integrated into the personal brand because they move the company itself, describe the characteristics of the offer and distinguish us from all others.

That is his great wealth.

3. Define the brand culture

This is necessary for a personal brand to become a leader it is Tand tailored to the cultural aspect that surrounds it.

We understand how Culture the set of basic elements such as knowledge, ideas, traditions and customs that characterize a society, a time or a person. In this sense, we believe that a personal brand to make it captivating it must be harmoniously aligned with this whole series of basic elements.

A leading entrepreneur building his personal brand must take all of this into account elements This characterizes the very peculiar lifestyle in which your company develops, such as B. Customs, ways of thinking, beliefs and type of language to promote attraction and not the opposite.

The definition of brand culture is to focus all of the work of Self-marketing to create a successful personal brand.

4. Determine your personal brandandGentlyItitle

Experience shows me that a personal brand that is defined by a title (e.g. the name of the entrepreneur) offers many more options be memorable.

He own name It gives the brand a unique presence when it is aligned with the personal values, strengths and personality of the entrepreneur.

5. Tell a personal story

Finally a Brand lIit comes to life by incorporating the entrepreneur’s personal story, these are all the facts, feelings, events and life experiences that have defined it over the years and that establish a connection with its audience.

The personal brand of a leading entrepreneur must transfer clear who he is, what moves him and what he is passionate about only goodI there will beto a message of unity and coherence between what you say you are and what you really are.

L.Iship what today’s world needs

The economic, global, and competitive scenario that today’s world offers us has gradually been conquered by innovative entrepreneurs They offer new opportunities to revitalize your economy.

Staying afloat as an entrepreneur in complicated situations like the one we’re going through due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic will mtoIt is a challenge as an adventure.

Hence the s If you are on the way to success, you have to walk with your feet and have a personal branding strategy up your sleeve.

The personal brand of a leading entrepreneur must transfer clear who is he / picture: Razvan Chisu on Unsplash

Only those who build a brand based on their strengths, values ​​and personality can create coherence and trust, and only then can they develop their ability to influence others in a natural way, because exactly Guide how much mtos of course, mtos real and effective.

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