How to be a boss that employees love

Be a successful leader It means being good at what you do and having integrity. Most importantly, it is about your ability to build healthy relationships with other people, especially those who work for you.

As an entrepreneur, you will be seen differently than when you were an entrepreneur Manager or a colleague in a traditional job. You can get the most out of the company’s success, and it will be easier for your employees to believe that you are more interested in the company than you are in them. Your success is of the utmost importance, but you shouldn’t achieve it at the expense of relationships with those on whom you depend.

How to be a boss that employees love
How to be a boss that employees love

To help you become the kind of boss that all employees love and respect:

1. Don’t treat people like transactions

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A few years ago when I got my first real job outside of college, I was happy to have my own assistant. She was a very capable and competent woman and I really liked her. One day when a customer was visiting my office, I made the naive mistake of introducing her by saying, “This is Teri. Work for me. “Teri’s answer would have served me better in my private life, but her point was very accurate:” I work with you, not for you. “

I had no intention of disregarding them with my words, but they suggested that Teri was a means and not an end and that I was “above” her. And while she reported to me technically, the difference between working and working is crucial. The first can make the person feel conquered, while the second is related to working together.

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Think carefully about how you name and relate to your employees. Focus on Mutuality – Look for ways they can achieve their personal and professional goals and help you achieve your goals. Show appreciation for those who volunteered to work for you.

2. Invest in those you value

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The main test of how much you value a relationship is how much time, interest, and support you are willing to invest in it. Instead of asking, “What have you been doing for me lately?” Turn it around and ask yourself what you’ve been doing lately for those who really appreciate you.

How to Invest to Realize Higher Dividends: Identify the potential of an employee they haven’t yet recognized. People are often blind to their own abilities and potential, and good leaders not only recognize these latent strengths, they also help develop them.

Many years ago my office manager spent more time on our website and technology platforms. A colleague was hosting an event in Las Vegas that I knew would provide information on how to improve these areas to a member of my team. Going to Las Vegas for the event was an additional expense, but I was happy to pay for the seminar and travel. When she came back she was better equipped for the job and motivated that I was willing to pay for her success.

3. Take part, but know your limits

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You can work with the same people in the same office every day and still be away because you are too absorbed in your worries. An open house policy means nothing if you don’t stop doing what you are doing long enough to be careful about who is crossing it.

How can you do that Make it a goal to check in to every employee every day. That means asking a simple but honest question, “How’s it going?” Listen and, if necessary, find information to help your co-workers. Identify the frustrations they are experiencing, the opportunities they have found, and evaluate their energy and commitment to the job.

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You’ll know you’re micromanaging when you spend more time explaining how to do things than clarifying what to do. Give people the freedom to get the best results in their own way.

4. Show your gratitude

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I have heard several complaints from employees that they feel put down by their boss, but I have never heard anyone complain when they are recognized or rewarded too much. I never understood why many bosses and entrepreneurs are afraid to give verbal recognition. Don’t be afraid to overdo it. You will connect more deeply with people when you see the best in them.

Here’s a powerful way to show appreciation: If you’re getting customer feedback about someone on your team who did a great job, ask them for permission to record it. Then use the recording in the next meeting with your team. There’s more power in a customer’s printout than just doing it yourself.

To grow your business successfully, you need to do everything possible to make your team want to work well for you. That means connecting with employees in a meaningful way.

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